camera shots

The first shot (left) is an Establishing shot and the one on the right is an Over the shoulder shot.

The shots are both from Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer.

In the establishing shot - it is showing where the first scene is going to be. A boat is on the sea heading somewhere. This tells the audience that most of the film is going to be filmed on the sea. The ship is old and so that the film is based in olden times.

Over the shoulder shot - this shot shows the captain's face looking at the monkey, the monkey is holding something. They are outside by the ship's wheel. This tells the audience that the monkey has stolen something or he is giving something to the Captain. There are not many places the monkey can go as they are at sea.

Both the pictures are from the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 movie.

On the left is a medium shot and on the right is a high angle-shot

In the medium shot Captain Jack Sparrow is standing and looking straight at the camera and looking at something behind us (that we don't know). This makes the audience feel sceptical about what is going to happen next.

In the high angle-shot a girl is holding onto the ships anchor for dear life. This makes the audience think something bad is going to happen as her life is in danger.


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