Preschool Social Studies By eliana and mia

When kids transition into preschool age, they usually begin to wonder about their family and community. Many kids begin to wonder where someone is from and how someone got to a certain place, and what money is and where it comes from.

What should I teach my child?

Teachers encourage parents to teach their kids about different cultures and religions different from their own, so a child can get a glimpse of the lives of other people around the world. This can be done with picture books, since they often give the information in a fun and simple way.

At this age, children will most likely not have the capacity to understand the distance of something or someone and where a country or city is, even though they may have a very vivid imagination. Their understanding usually starts from where they are and other people that are near them, and expands to neighborhood, city, country, and eventually world as the years go on.


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