Paul Farmer and Wangari Maathai By Haley Miller

This picture shows a house from Haiti that has a bit of an improvement (tin roof). This picture relates to Paul farmer because Paul farmer said the people deserve the right to have a tin roof rather then having the old roofs to keep them from caving in.
This picture shows the deforestation in the Kenyan region. This picture relates to Wangari Maathai because she had changed the problem with the forest she restored the trees

The photographs of Haiti and Kenya illustrate the conditions that Paul Farmer and Wangari Maathai faced. Wangari Maathai's work was to stop the deforestation because she had stood up for what she believed was right and thus the green movement was born. Paul Farmer decided to dedicate his life to his work, his work was providing healthcare around the world starting in Haiti.

Created By
Haley Miller


Created with images by Henri1407 - "shop smaller download jungle" • Henri1407 - "shop smaller download jungle" • Jorge Lascar - "Nairobi's skyline from Uhuru Park"

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