Physical Features of the Children of Columbia, Appalachia, Afghanistan, and Chad


All around the world, the way that people live is closely connected to their physical environment. The landforms, and the temperature, the seasons, and the amount of rainfall in a place are all important parts of its physical environment. Some places around the world, such as the Arctic, are very cold all year round. What do you think people who live there wear? Probably not T-shirts and shorts! If you’re thinking warm clothing, you’re right!


Climate is how hot or cold, wet or dry a place is. Some places have a climate that changes with the season. For example, here in New York State, our summers are usually hot. We do get some rain, but it doesn’t happen every day. Our winters are cold. In some parts of New York State we get lots of snow in winter. Spring and fall are not too hot or too cold. We usually get some rain during those seasons.

There are some places in the world where it is always hot. Most of those places are near the equator. Some of those hot places are also very dry. These hot, dry, places are called deserts. The Sahara desert in Africa is a great example of a place like this. Other hot places can be very rainy. Indonesia is a great example of a place like this. Remember those people who live in the Arctic? They live in cold climates. Even though it is cold, it is very dry, and if the air is dry, there will be no moisture in the air to make snow. In fact, it gets so cold (below 14° F (–10° C)) that it hardly ever snows! It is a cold desert. The reason why you see snow in pictures of these places is that when it does sometimes get warm enough to snow, the temperature never gets high enough to melt the snow, so the snow stays there year after year.

Landforms and Water Features

Mountains, valleys, hills, forests, cliffs, and plains are all examples of landforms. In some parts of New York State, there are many mountains, hills, and forests. Some parts of New York State are very flat. Some places around the world, like Afghanistan, have a lot of mountains. Other places, like the grasslands of Africa, are very flat. Oceans, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and bays are all examples of water features. You can find all of these water features in New York State! Some places around the world, like Finland, are right on the ocean. It has a long coast, where the water meets the land.

Physical Features of Chad. Africa

In the northern reaches of the country, the Tibesti Mountains dominate the landscape of the surrounding Sahara Desert. The Sahel, on the southern edges of the ever-expanding Sahara Desert, is a transition zone between the dry areas of the north and the tropical areas of the south.

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Closer look at landforms in Chad

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Physical Features of Columbia, South America

Major landforms in Colombia include the Andes Mountains, the Cordilleras, Atlantic lowlands, Santa Marta Mountains and the Amazon rainforest. Colombia lies in the northwestern part of South America. It contains diverse interior geographical features, and enjoys miles of coastline formed by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

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Physical Features of The Appalachia Mountains in Kentucky

Major landforms in Kentucky include the Appalachian Plateau, the Interior Low Plateaus and the Coastal Plain. The Appalachian Plateau is also known as the Cumberland Plateau and is located in the east of Kentucky

For Your Information

The Pack Horse Library Project was aimed at providing reading materials to rural portions of Eastern Kentucky with no access to public library facilities. Librarians riding horses or mules traveled 50 to 80 miles a week up rocky creekbeds, along muddy footpaths, and among cliffs to deliver reading materials to the most remote residences and schools in the mountains. Some homes were so remote that the book women often had to go part of the way on foot, or even by row boat

Physical Features of Afghanstan

The physical features of Afghanistan include mountains, plateaus and rivers/ The most prominent physical feature in the country are the mountains.

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The climate, landforms, and water features of a place are important parts of their physical environment. All around the world, there are lots of different kinds of physical environments. Think about this: What would living near an ocean be like? How about living in a desert? What about living high up in the mountains? Would life be exactly the same in all these places?

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