Annie Jenkins Photography Portfolio


F4.0, 1/160 Second, ISO 400. I used this photo to display the assumptions that people can make about you from the outside, vs. what people would truly see on the inside. This assignment kind of holds the theme "Don't judge a book by it's cover", and I think that I was able to accomplish this theme well with this image. I used muted neutral colors to keep from distracting from the main idea of the photo and create a more serious tone. I also more dramatic lighting to create deep shadows and portray that dramatic tone.


(Left; Ice Ice Baby: f/4.5, 1/640 s, ISO 1600) (Right; Jenga: f/4.5, 1/640 s, ISO 1600) I got the idea for the photo on the left from an instagram post that I saw where someone dropped ice cubes into different drinks and got high shutter speed shots of the splash. I also got the idea for the photo on the right from an instagram post, and I really like the subtle juxtaposition portrayed through both of these photos. People drink coffee in the morning to wake up and get a good start to their day. You could say that it helps you "hold it together" and both of these photos display chaos and messiness. They show the exact opposite of the purpose of coffee and I think the composition, lighting, and subject matters also help in this subject.

Fender Mender

I shot this photo at an F4.0, 4 second shutter, and ISO 200. I took this photo later at night at a cool retro motor shop. The colors came out really vibrant and I think the exposure turned out really good. You can definitely tell that it was taken at night so I think if I had planned my lighting better then it may have looked more natural, but I love the overall vibe of the photo.

Living for the City




This photo was taken at the Huron Valley Humane Society. My goal for this assignment was to create a photo with a mood or theme that resonated with the viewer even after viewing the photo. I think I achieved this goal by capturing the hopeful look on this dogs face even when he has to wear a cone. This dog was malnourished and had a big wound on his shoulder but he was still so excited to meet every person that came up to him and I feel like I was able to portray that ray of hope in this photo. Aperture: 4.0, Shutter: 1/60", ISO: 1600

Composition Assignment

Framing - This photo is an example of framing because it shows a silhouette framing the setting sun. This photo was difficult to take because I had trouble finding the right angle to get the sun perfectly in the middle of the shot. It was also difficult because I had to use the timer setting on my camera and old this pose for a long time until the camera took the pictures.

River Run

This photo was taken at Wellers Carriage House in Saline. My original intention for this photo was to have. fairly small color scheme, using mostly earthy and neutral colors. Originally I wanted everything in this photo to be in focus and I wanted it to be a little bit darker to give off a darker vibe. But after I saw how the photo turned out on the camera I changed my mind. I knew that I wanted the shed in the foreground to be the focal point and the brightest tone in the photo. In order to do this, I blurred the trees in the background and used the burn tool on most of the image except for the shed. I even used the burn tool a bit on the reflection of the shed in the water in order to make sure that the actual shed was still the main focus. One problem that I had while taking this photo was the placement of the camera. I was standing on a bridge over the river and the sun was coming from behind me. Because of this, there was a big shadow of the bridge and myself on the water. I had to change the camera angle a few times so that I could minimize the amount of editing I would need to do, but overall I am very happy with the final shot. I love that both the shed and the reflection are completely in focus, and the reflections of the trees and the sky in the water create a great balance of colors and tones in the photo. F Stop: 5.6 ISO: 6400, 1/40"


I took these photos at the Porsche/Audi/Volkswagen dealership in Ann Arbor. I have always loved photographing cars so I knew that I wanted to incorporate this into this assignment. My dad works at the dealership so I asked one of his coworkers if I could take some photos of him while he worked on one of the retro Porsche's in the shop.



Tim Tadder

This photo was difficult for me to shoot because I know I wanted to get a golden hour type of photo for the overlay but I couldn't seem to find a good setting to take the photo. I like the idea of the photo but I feel like the composition could have been executed better. The tree line starts right around his eyes creating a weird shadow, but other than that I like the idea of the photo a lot.