NCAA Pay-for-Play AThletes are not alone

This image shows the president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert. While the NCAA is complex and has many branches, ultimately it is the responsibility of this man to start the process of making changes to the limited compensation laws.

This image shows a basketball game being played on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The NCAA makes a lot of money off of the broadcasting of games like these. Ticket sales, the broadcasting companies, etc.

This picture because it represents a common opinion of many athletes today. The sign was held by a Wisconsin basketball player that protested the NCAA before a game.

These images represent how the professional football players get paid. While I do not think college athletes should get paid anything close to professional athletes, they do deserve to be compensated enough so they do not have empty pockets like the picture in the bottom left. I believe this because they get the same amount of broadcasting (bottom right) as the professional athletes when it comes to the games.


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