America is a Christian Nation By Dawson pate

104th Psalm

The 104th psalm is a poem written by John Adams. This poem not only shows Adams love for Christ but also his shows how much he appreciates the Word. For some this poem can be hard to understand because of the wording that he uses, but basically he is saying that he really is passionate about God.

Aitkens Bible

Aitkens Bible was one of the most important bibles back in the day. This bible was the first ever bible printed in America and was the only Bible passed by congress.

American Bible Society

The American Bible Society was the first bible society and was founded by mainly people who signed the constitution. This was founded in 1816 and was very important. This society also helped start up many different societies across the nation.

Battle of Lexington Sermon

The battle of Lexington sermon was a sermon by Jonas Clark. Clark graduated from Harvard and was with Samuel Adams and John Hancock when the British came marching towards Lexington. This was a narrative by Clark and to remember the battle.

Sermon of American Insututions and Bibles

The sermon of American institutions and bibles was preached by Jeremiah Rankin. This sermon was preached in 1876 and was located in Washington D.C. This was a very important sermon about the Bible and other things.

Century Sermon

The century sermon happened as it says in the title on the first day of the 19th century. This was preached by Joseph Lathrop and happened in West-Springfield. This sermon covered the works of God especially in the century beforehand.

Founders As Christians

This writing is many quotes from the founders of America including Samuel Adams, John Hancock and many more. These quotes are important because they show that they were good followers of Christ. So many people say that these founders were not Christians but here you can clearly see they are firm believers.

Benjamin Franklins Letters to Thomas Paine

Benjamin franklin is a very well known man of history. He had many different occupations and was a very intelligent individual. Thomas Paine would regularly write Franklin about many different things which is why these letters are important.

John Jays Biblical View Of War

John jay is a very well known and well respected individual when it comes to the founding of America. Jay was many things and one of those was being a devout Christian. Jay viewed war from a vigil iCal point of view and believed that though war isn't the best thing it is inevitable.


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