The Story of Francisco

The person I interviewed was my dad. My dad’s name is Francisco Romero. He is from Puebla, Mexico. I interviewed him because he had it rough growing up. Also because he taught me to put my all in everything. Another thing, is that he has showed me to not let little things get to me. I look up to him, so that’s another main reason I wanted to interview him.

An obstacle my father had to overcome was poverty. Poverty was a big deal when he was young because he really didn’t have much. Another thing was losing both of his parents. He lost his parents when he was fourteen, it was very hard for him and his siblings. He also had to be raised by his older sister. So my dad and his brothers had to start working and still have to attend school at the same time. School was also and obstacle because they didn’t really have money to buy the supplies they needed. But he managed to graduate from high school.

One great accomplishment my dad has accomplished is being such a great father. My dad raised me, my sister and niece to always be a caring people. But also to be tough because life can get really hard. Another thing was coming to California. He came here for a better life and that’s what he is working on. My dad graduating high school is a also a big thing. It’s something big because not everyone that I know graduated high school because of the poverty that they lived in.

My dad has had a positive influence in my life because he is such a good person. He is a very generous person which makes me look up to him. But he can also be a very tough person. I say that because he, always has a strong heart. He is also very supportive. He supports your decisions even if they might back fire on you. He will never turn his back on anyone which makes me want to be just like him. Lastly he influences me because he has been a good dad, who has always been there form me.

I learned many things but also things I already knew. One thing I did not know about my father was that he does not regret anything he has done in life. Which didn’t surprise me because I also don’t regret anything I do. Another thing was that he didn’t like school. Which I can relate because I don’t really like school either. But what did surprise me was that he graduated high school. It surprised me not because he graduated and he didn’t like school, but that even with the poverty he lived in he still managed to have the supplies to go to school and graduate.


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