Spiny Water Flea by:lily dong


  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Arthropod
  • Sub-phylum : Crustacean
  • Class : Branchiopoda
  • Family : Cercopagididae
  • Order : Cladocera
  • Genus : Bythothotrephes

Structural and behavioural characteristics

The Spiny Water Flea looks like bristly gobs of jelly with black spots, Spiny Water Flea is really small!

The Spiny Water Fleas

Spiny Water Flea Natural habitat

The Spiny Water Flea was first reported lake Ontario in 1982.Since 1982, they have been harming lakes and have taken over more then a hared in North America. They prefer large, deep, clear lakes but can also survive in shallow water.

They live in the Sea and Lake

how invasive species migrates to new area

They can spread by attaching to fishing line, on riggers anchor ropes, and fishing nets.While female water fleas die out of water under certain conditions they produce eggs that resist drying and freezing and can establish a new infestation. They also can be unintentionally transported in bilge water, bait brackets or livements.

Invasive impacts

Small fish are unable to feed on the Spiny Water Flea due to its long tail spine and they feed on Zooplankton. Zooplankton was eaten by native species living in lakes. The Flea competes with the native species for the food source.

The Zooplankton

Efforts to control invasive species

Action taken: Lakes are monitored and send in reports of any new found Spiny Water Flea invasions.Boats are left to dry after fishing use, so that any Flea eggs dry out and die.

This is my report on Spiny Water Flea!!!


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