LOL...OMG!!!! Chapter 11 in exclusiev views

Many people in the world travel and when they go places they need places to stay so why not go AirBnB. With this website many people can use it and they can rent a persons home or space to live in for a while. This has attracted many people over the years. With AirBnB on the rise they have facilitied more than 2million night from 2008- 2012 and home in more than 16,000 cities and 186 countries worldwide.

But with this thing it can come disaster when you don't know who your dealing with. On women claimed in the book Lol...Omg that they trashed he house and smashed a hole into her closet door and found he wallet and passport,credit card,and her grandmothers jewelry that she had hidden inside.they also took her camera,iPod,laptop,and her external hard drive with her entire life work and memories.

The internet has been on a bad track it's whole life and some of the times it can get on then stumble off. Many people around the world today are not so good of people online and they can make lost of trouble. We really can't identify anyone on our own in this new and creative world. We need to keep the internet on track.

My favorite quotes

"Hope for the best,prepare for the worst"

"Embrace the change that is coming"


In my perspective of this chapter I think that this chapter is right. I think that I should trust no one because people will be ok and the others will sooner or later screw you over and your online and offline life will be ruined. Also I would never go on AirBnB and let other live in my house because I know with my luck they would trash the place and then run away and not pay for it so I have to pay for major damages.

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