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Magic is a card game in which you win by taking you opponents life total down to zero. The way you do this is by attacking with creatures and using abilities as well as spells.

This is an example of a creature. The symbols on the top show how much this card costs to cast or play. The numbers on the bottom of the creature card shows its power and toughness. the number on the left is the power. the one on the right is the toughness. the power is how much damage it will do. The toughness is how much damage it can take before it dies. Creatures can only be played on your tur unless an ability says otherwise

Unlike creatures, spells like instant and sorceries are one time effect. This is an instant. Instants can be played on anyones turn. The text in the center shows the cards abilities.

Gatherer-wizards of the coast

Unlike instants, you can only cast a sorcery on your turn unless the card or an ability says otherwise. this is a sorcery.

MTG salvation

Another card type is a planeswalker. Plansewalkers are one of the most powerful cards in the game. This is a planeswalker.

Gatherer-wizards of the cost

Planeswalkers have several abilities that add or subtract loyalty counters. If a planeswalker has no more loyalty counters on it it is destroyed. Planeswalkers can be attacked by creatures and can be targeted by spells and abilities that can target players.

Lands are how you pay to cast spells and creatures. You can only play one land a turn. There are basic lands, snow lands, dual lands, filter lands, tri-color lands, and non-basic lands. There are five colors of magic. They are black, blue, green, white, and red. There are also colorless lands called wastes.

Gatherer-wizards of the coast

This a three colored land. When you tap it or turn it sideways it adds one mana of any color it can produce. This one can produce white, blue, or black mana. lands can be destroyed just like everything else. Lands are usually colorless.

Enchantments are special spells that target a specific permanent. A permanent is anything that stays on the battle field after being cast. This is an enchantment.

Gatherer-wizards of the coast

Artifacts are special cards that have a wide variety of effect that range from dealing damage and gaining life. This is an artifact.

Gatherer-wizards of the coast

The minimum deck size is 60 cards. When you start a game you begin with 20 life and a hand of seven cards.

toys on fire

Above are store bought, ready to play decks from the oath of the gatewatch set. Each one is a 60 card deck that comes with two booster packs, little card packs that have 15 cards in each. You can get spells, creatures, and lands that you can get from booster packs.

Fun facts

1. There are 2 major ways to play Magic. They are standard and commander.

2. "When a Magic card contradicts the rule book, the card wins.". (Magic The Gathering Basic Rule book, page 15, section 2: the building blocks.)

3. Magic was created in 1991 by a company called wizards of the coast, who also created another card game called duel masters.

4. The most recently released Magic set was Eldritch moon.

5. The Magic card Black Lotus is worth, as of right now, around five thousand dollars.

6. There are over one thousand different Magic cards.

7. There can only be one planeswalker of the same name on the battle field even if they are owned and controlled by other players. The same goes for Legendary creatures.

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