The land of Ibboston A land of mystery and exciting things!

The land of Ibboston

On the day I discovered the land of Ibboston,I had been wonderously puttering about in my little boat when I suddenly noticed a spectacular-looking island I hadn't seen before. Nervous and fascinated, I felt obliged to approach and investigate it. All the stunning views took my home land to shame, I slowly started to stroll around all the different places I was spellbound.

Lush lake

This beautiful, crystal - clear lake is well known as the animal bath because all animals go there to wash. Although it is very deep and dangerous, everyone still swims there. In the middle of the island , the lush lake lights up all of the land; there has never been one moment we're it hasn't been glistening. Many types of fish liver there : Fishotrumpus , Cattleeorous and finally the Manocantolous. Although everyone swims there , I wouldn't recommend it because it is life threatening.

Animals and places

While I gazed across the beautiful land of Ibboston I noticed a strange- looking bird ( which has never been found before ) fly strate over my head. It made my eyes immediately follow it I couldn't believe my eyes. This bird was the most amazing creature I had ever seen. It had beautiful coloured wings and a head that was perfectly shaped. When it landed in the tree , all the leaves shook it was like they were welcoming the bird. This is its home and only home it was the biggest tree on the land. There was no other animal that was like this one. The animals I had been plain but they were still fascinating. I can't believe I am the first one to find this bird, Isn't it wonderful ! Other habitats are forests and hills/ mountains but this habitat is a home to one animal and that animal only. Amazing isn't it ?

Famous fantasy

Sitting in the middle of the island , the famous fantasy sat proudly whaching over every single child while they play making sure they don't get up to any trouble. Tall,thick and proud it waits and waits for lunch to come because he then gets a couple minuites to take a break. Although he loves his job , he still likes to take a break. As I walked up to the famous fantasy I found a sign that said , " Famous fantasy has never been touched not even by an animal so please don't break the chain !" I followed those rules and just admired how amazing it was.

Forest fights

Sitting at the top of the island, the forest has got many different types of dangerous animal live there : Montella ( the queen) , Trollorous ( the king) and Spider woman ( the wondering ) . All of these creatures have a specialty but know one knows what. The trees were taller than houses , it was amazing . All of the paths lead to something different , one path lead to a place we're all the animals go to fight. Tall trees tower over the fighting arena. The area they fight in looks like the sun , it is a circle and is based with bright yellow sand. As I obserbed the area I noticed a huge chair sitting proudly at the other side. I walked up to it and read the passage that was on the side of it , it read , " this chair is only used for the winner of the fight , no one else can use it ! " After I had read it I took my chance to observe the amazing and magical thrown . I couldn't believe my eyes , I was stunned .

Mighty mountains

These mountains are the tallest mountains on the island . As I gazed across the island I noticed a mountain towering over everything it was fascinating. Although all the other mountains were very tall but this one really stood out. It had snow all over it and it was covered top to bottem in rocks . As I took my time gazing at the amazing fantastic mountain I realised there is a path leading to it . I stepped onto the path and started walking down it observing everything on my way. Finally I got to the mighty mountains it was thrilling, I was spellbound!

Created By
Charlotte Summerfield

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