Five Chemistry Lab Equipments by Orlando Vidal

A beaker is a cylindrical container used in chemistry for stirring, mixing, and heating chemicals. Beakers are also unlikely to cause any splatters of chemicals.
The Erlenmeyer flask is a conical flask created by a scientist named Emil Erlenmeyer in 1860. These flasks can also hold solids and liquids that can release gases during a reaction and its narrow neck prevent splatter of chemicals.
A Florence flask is type of flask that contains a wide body and a narrow body. These flasks are mostly used for heating and boiling liquids and prevents splatters because of its neck.
Test tube racks are used for holding and organizing test tubes containing chemicals. Plastic test racks could melt due to very hot test tubes.
A Bunsen burner is a laboratory equipment named after Robert Bunsen which is used for heating nonvolatile liquids.

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