create a creature project Chris bailey

scientific name: Bailakis pecus

common name: Bleu Baby

zones: Neritic and Epipelagic abiotic factors: lots of sunlight, very warm water, and low water pressure.

My organism eats by stalking its prey and tearing off its limbs Diet: Tuna, Grouper, and sharks.

Males: 8ft long and weighs 400 lbs Females: 6ft and weigh 200 lbs

Color: ocean blue on the the top and white on its underside. It uses its color as a camouflage prey/predators can't see it looking up or down.

Defense: protects itself using its razor sharp teeth.

movement: nektonic; swims like a fish using its tail as a motor and its front fins to steer.

It uses its huge lungs to hold its breath for hours at a time.

Reproduction: normally reproduces sexually, with the male mounting the female near the surface, but they can reproduce asexually if enough of its brain tissue is is broken off.

Created By
Chris Bailey


Created with images by skeeze - "elkhorn coral reef ocean" • webherper - "miniatus grouper grouper ocean" • janeb13 - "fossilized tooth megalodon giant shark"

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