Sunday big bike friendly bimble Chris Eric Markus

Well after seventy miles on a cool Sunday morning what else do you need
Stalling Busk beautiful weather what else do you want
Yes we know big bikes old farts off road = trouble
Yes it really is that nice in North Yorkshire
Decisions what way
Forgot to mention we brought the butler with us to open the gates
Wow was that where we have come from
Still clean
Bloody hell Markus wastes no time getting away from the gate
Don't forget to close the gate after us
Top of Kidstones
Do hurry up Chris get the gate for me
Cam road
Big bike friendly lanes
You have to make the most of days like this
A small short cut
we was lost honest
Still lost
Looking for traction
Hawes after a day in the hills what more do yo want
A cafe with beautiful waitress on one side a Chippy with a nice Thai girl on the other side a garage 50 yards up the road
We left the butler here as there was no more gates for him to open for us today

Thanks for looking and if you see us posting any ride outs up please feel free to tag along Markus, Eric ,Chris, (butler)

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