BRAZIL! all the things you need to know about Brazil

There are a lot of different states, towns and countries. I am not here to talk about all of the different countries. I am here to talk about only one country, that is Brazil. No, not Antarctica, and no not Australia. There will be a lot of information, information like the land of Brazil and facts too. You will also learn how Brazil is different and the same as the U.S.

Christ the redeemer is in Rio de Janeiro ( this is Chris the Redeemer)


One of the major problems of Brazilian (Brazil-E-an.) leaders during the past three decades has been to make life in the Interior more attractive. Guess what, only one fifth of the population in Brazil is over 40 years old. Brazil has some amazing land and rivers. Did you know that the rivers, forests and swamps dictate the style of the life how live or travel there.


A reason why the mountains are not higher is that the Precambrian (pre-kam-bre-in) rocks tend to weather rapidly and are constantly subjected to the heavy tropical rains. The mountains were formed almost four billion years ago. In structure, they follow a pattern of hilly up lands with low mountains rather than rugged peaks. Brazil is the home of the Amazon River. The Amazon River is one of the largest rivers out there.

This is a photo of Copacabana beach


Brazil can be like the U.S. Brazil does have a president just like the U.S. and they even have a state animal and a state flower, but you probably new that. You may have not known that Brazil has a national anthem like the U.S.

This is what the flag looks like


Don’t forget Brazil can be different too. For example, Brazil does speak Portuguese (por-chu-gEs) and not English. They also live in a different continent. See Brazil is the same and different.

This is another photo of the Brazil flag

Lots of fun

Brazil is a very nice place. “My favorite thing about Brazil is the people. Everyone is so happy and kind. They always are smiling, playing music and dancing.” said Michelle McCabe after she visited Brazil. She thinks that everyone should go to Brazil and I definitely agree with her. I want to go the Brazil. I want to see the amazon river. I want to learn how to speak Portuguese. I want to see the towns and the land. want to go, do you?

This is the map of Brazil (not made by me)

Look at the time

Brazil has some very, very, very, very, very, very (you get the idea) important times. I am hear to share some with you. Look at the photo blew.


Final thoughts

From how Brazil is the same as the U.S. to the land of Brazil. Brazil is one exciting place and I want you to know that. Brazil is an amazing place to be. “I recommend Brazil to everyone.” Michelle McCabe said. There is only one Brazil in the world and now you know a lot about it.

this is a "close up" of Christ the Redeemer


That is all you need to know for now!!!


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