Call of dutty black ops 3 By KHalil bailey

One day Cole moved into his new house. Cole new his dad was going to claim the basement so Cole claimed it ."Icall dibs on the basement.

Cole setup the basement then he played his p.s.4. he couldn't find Jay in the game he was plying."come on Jay where are you so I can get you". Cole used his map and then he found Jay so esalay."finally I know where evreyone is now".

Then Cole became the king of call of dutty and he got an achievement unlocked.king of the kings and he was the leader of all maps in multiplayer. Cole went to get a snack,"man I'm so hungry".

Then Cole went back to his game he started doing the story mode. He never done the story mode before. "What's this"

Two days later Cole was done with the story. Cole did night-mares he had some firends with him. Cole beat night-mares in tow days

Cole did zombies. He saw his friend Ali-a. "Sup Ali-a". They had a bow and every thing.They made it to wave 54 they where playing inferno. They where going so fast that they culdent catch up with each other

This is how tall he is

Number one

This is his basement

This is his room

This is his p.s.4

This is his dog

This is his house

THE ENDπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


Created with images by Argyleist - "Basement 2" β€’ Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) - "FMSC Distribution Partner - Burkina Faso" β€’ eleano_h - "19. Virtual Reality" β€’ Argyleist - "Basement 2" β€’ firepile - "Bedroom" β€’ Leon Terra - "Finally gave in to PS4" β€’ sebilden - "Puppy" β€’ oatsy40 - "House"

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