Student Dashboard Survey - Residential & Online Students 683 RESPONDENTS

Tell us how you like the following aspects of the New Dashboard.

On average, how much time has the New Dashboard saved you over the course of a week?

• 26.35% answered “none”

• 34.41% answered “small amount”

• 31.04% answered “moderate amount”

• 8.20% answered “large amount”

Select the version you prefer:

• 21.08% preferred Old Landing Page

• 78.92% preferred New Landing Page

Do improvements like this to Liberty’s online academic tools make you more likely to recommend Liberty to others?

• 56.55% answered “Yes”

• 29.59% answered “Maybe”

• 13.86% answered “No”

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the New Dashboard?

• Elizabeth Beatty- “Huge improvement from old, keep up the good work”

• Tyler Donohue- “Make it more comprehensive and inform students of the changes. At my high school, we had a similar set up, and the "What's Due" section was never up to date. As of now, I do not trust that the "What's Due" Section contains everything I need to know of. (I can point out right now it has no mention of my Math 115 class.) Recent grades would probably be better off in a list form similar to What's Due. This would leave more room for IMPORTANT announcements which should be put in the center. Such as when parking lots will close, etc. Move Athletics and Watch Convocation under classes to make more room. They don't need all that space. I think MyLU should have more of a similar appearance, because that is very cluttered and hard to navigate. It would be cool if you could roll that and Blackboard and maybe ASIST all into one! Overall though, I think the new layout has a lot of potential, and I like how class pages have remained the same!”

• David Engelmann- “Overall, I appreciate your efforts in improving the usefulness of Liberty's dashboard. Great work! My only recommendation is to eliminate or further improve the "What's Due" column. For some reason, it doesn't seem to be synced correctly (with what's actually due), though this could also be an issue with data entered by the prof.”

• Ryan Jackson- “This new version is amazing! Excellent job! Less windows to click through and wait for loading saves a lot of time!! Thank you!”

• Kaitlin Myers- “Organized sections that stand out more so we don't have to go looking for the things we really need. Maybe use more color between sections, bolder fonts for section headings, etc.”

• Stephanie Schuler- “No recommendations. I think students will figure out (one way or another) how to navigate the page but I do think this improvement may be helpful for many students wanting to see the "bigger picture" right there on one page.”

• Sophia Wade- “Adding professor's office hours would be nice!”

• Zachary Hawout- “I really like the new dashboard much better than the old one. I say that for the following reasons: 1. You don't have to sift through the list of your old classes to get to your current ones anymore. 2. You are told what has recently been graded and what is due soon. I really don't have any suggestions on how to improve it. Just please don't take those features away!”

• Latasha Campbell- “Group the grades for each class in one versus posting each grade for the same class under separate headings.”

• Quantina Hennessey- “My suggestion for improving the dashboard is to add the option for online students to opt out of announcements pertaining to resident students. Such as athletics. (This enhancement request has been fulfilled with our latest filtering release). I would also like to see a link for the grades in addition to the latest posting of grades. A link for the book store would also be great for online students as our books are not located in the library and are on the MSB Direct site. If i am using a computer in a library I have to go into my email in order to reach the link for my ebooks. A quick link on the dash would be very helpful.”

• Donald Hines- “I would like to see any of my professor's assignment comments on the new dashboard.”

• Jeremy Houtz- “It would've nice to have a "Read" and "Not Read" indication on all post. Akin to what you would see in email so it is easier to keep track. Also, more control over content like the My LU page.”

• John Hudson- “Excellent job with the new dashboard. This is an excellent tool that keeps everything right up front for the student.”

• Micah Hummert- “Consider adding a "grades" widget so we can get these easily rather than navigating through multiple menus (in either the navbar or the course itself).”

• Joy Martin- “I am still positively adjusting to the new dashboard, so I have not thought about, nor have been propelled to suggest any additional improvements. GREAT JOB Liberty IT! Thank you for your time and effort in producing such quality changes! LOVE the new dash board!”

• David Patterson- “I don't get too excited about change, so I may seemed underwhelmed with my responses, but I have enjoyed this new dashboard. It does help save time, it is more organized and one can get more information at a glance than before. Good work. I appreciate it.”

• Joyce Wright- “Continue to do great work letting us know how to go about our daily schedules. Love Liberty!”

Additional Statistics:

Level of Education

• 30.28% Graduate Level

• 69.72% Undergraduate Level

College Distribution (Top 5):

• 21.71% from the School of Behavioral Sciences

• 18.76% from the School of Business

• 10.93% from the School of Education

• 9.16% from the School of Divinity (Undergrad)

• 7.98% from the School of Divinity (Graduate)

Number of Surveys Sent to Residential & Online Students compared to the number of Residential & Online Students that took the Survey (per college)


• 64.99% Female

• 35.01% Male


• 76.51% Online

• 23.49% Residential


• Age ranged from 18 – 80

• Age 20 had most respondents (50)


• 44.90% Seniors

• 30.28% Graduate Level

• 13.88% Juniors

• 10.93% Sophomores


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