backbone of country music. By: Claire Hunkler

“The total package resulted in an astounding 20 number one singles and 20 more Top Ten hits, all in the first 12 years of his career (Alan Jackson).” Alan Jackson is one of the most iconic country singers to this day. He along with George Strait are known as the godfathers of country. Alan's music has changed throughout time emotionally with life events he has experienced. He dipped his feet in Blue Grass, Folk, Country and different versions of all. Although he does not do any more shows now he still influences people with his music.

He was born October 17, 1958 and still is a amazing artist to this day. Alan Jackson was like any young snaggletoothed boy running around barefoot through Georgia’s backwoods. His parents did not have a lot of money at all but put their children’s needs above everything else. As a youngster Alan had a job at a shoe store to help them, and sang at church.
One of the guitars he uses is the Taylor DN6e guitar. He uses this guitar in the song "Remember When" and many others. It is a quality guitar that is made out of Sitka Spruce and Maple. Taylor is a brand that has been around since 1974. I have a Taylor and the sound quality and range is extensive. Alan has influenced me in my life in how I played guitar as a young kid to now. I follow his music and grew up learning how to play with his wisdom of music as well.
Alan produced his first song “Blue Blooded Women”,when it was made in summer of 1989. Audiences perceive the song to be simple with only 6 guitar chords, portrays young love, and its to the point. The song coveys how he fell in love with a woman and they are very different in how he is a "red neck" and she is a "classy lady". He develops more of a picking pattern with hints of blue grass and folk.
"Chasing That Neon Rainbow" was released in September of 1990. In an interview he said "We were talking about my life in Georgia and the experience of playing the honky tonk circuit. I remembered a radio that my daddy won when I was a young child and how my mama used to sing to my sisters and me." His music is becoming big but he is still playing in small bars, and still struggling with money. He also developed his music to be more picking instead of strumming, and developed complex chord and note rhythms.
"Midnight in Montgomery" was produced in 1992. It was a somber song with mid tempo which will convey a sad mood to the audience. The song reflects and is a tribute to Hank Williams, in how he impacted Alan's life and how musically he was an inspiration. The song integrates some of Williams' music lyrics and titles. The ending words "Hank's always singing there" is Alan giving his condolences to Hank and truly showing his respect.
"Tall Tall Trees" made in 1995. Its a song in which Alan is willing to build his wife anything for the family. It has an up tempo which gives the song a pleasant mood. This is a changing point in Alan's music, he has a family to support. He is not only developing into a hard working father who has a demanding job, but he has also shown this development in his music by becoming more formal.
"Drive" was written and produced in 2002. The song is a sweet song showing how Alan is teaching his girls to drive his old beat up Jeep in the field like how his daddy did when he was young. The song is inspired by Alan's father Eugene Jackson, who died on January 31, 2000. At this point in Alan's life he is raising his girls who are one of the highlights of his life. He shows how tender and caring he is by raising his girls with good values, support, and love in the way he was raised back in the day.
"Remember When" is an emotional song Alan wrote as a look back on his life with his wife. The song is somber-some, but also joyous when he explains how he met her and their love was wild in the beginning. Then when they have rough times with their daughters being born and not knowing when the next paycheck will come. The song ends on a upbeat tone with how they reconnect stronger then ever.
Alan Jackson has influenced other county music artists like Jason Alden, Eric church, and Miranda Lambert. They grew up listening to him and they used his influence and some of his twang in their songs.

Some of his iconic songs!


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