william carey missionary

William Carey was born on August 17, 1776 in Paulerspury England
William Carey self taught himself Latin at age 12
William Carey did not attend high school or college.
William Carey had 7 children, 5 boys, and 2 girls
William Carey taught himself Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, and French by age 19 all without having a teacher.
William Carey Married for the first time before the age of 20, to Dorothy Plakkett.
William Carey became a shoemaker.
William Carey was inspired with the ideas of Christianity and wanted to spread it everywhere.
The work he did as a missionary was converting Hindus into Christians. So he moved to India.
soon after they moved to India there 5 year old son died of dysentery.
soon after her son died Dorothy started having hallucinations and died shortly after.
five months and one day after Dorothy died William Carey married Charlotte Rhumor. They were married for 13 years until she died.
two years after Charlotte died he married again. at age 62 to Grace Hughes, who was 17 years younger than him. they were married for 11 years until William Carey died at age 73.
although William Carey died married to Grace Hughes, he always asked to be buried next to his second wife, Dorothy Plakkett.
one of William Carey's famous quotes.
Another famous quote by William Carey.
by the time he died he had spent 41 consecutive years in India converting more than 700 Hindus into Christians.


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