vocabulary lesson 13

  • Erroneously
  • Words related to erroneously are mistakenly, and, wrongly
  • my cousin erroneously told his friend his adress
very happy dogs
  • Conduct
  • words related to conduct are perform, direct, and, behavior
  • The dogs conduct was out of control
mini van
  • Output
  • words related to output are production, and, more.
  • A car manufacturer is increasing the out put of mini vans.
earth is round
  • Fallacy
  • words related to fallacy are mistake, and, myth.
  • People saying the earth is flat is a fallacy.
this is a business
  • Input
  • words related to input are investment, and, put in.
  • The man has an input into his friends business.
  • communicable
  • words related to communicable are contagious, and, infectious.
  • My friend has an communicable virus.


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