Airport Shuffle 30 Hours at Chicago O'Hare

I should have known I wasn't going anywhere fast ........

Waiting, waiting, delayed, delayed, delayed and CANCELLED.

We'll get you on another plane in 5 days ok? !!! ....Time to find my luggage.

Promised bags never get delivered. It's midnight and the hotels are full, limo drivers decline to drive in the weather and I wouldn't want my family out in it for a 4 hour round trip either soooooo it looks like an overnight at the airport....with many other thousands of people. I'm " locked" into the pre security side of things which turned out to be more comfortable than the terminal. EVERY restaurant shuts down at 10 pm except for one all night Starbucks in our area and an all night McD's on the terminal side. So people hunker down and sleep if they can...

The silver on the floor was a long flat heating vent.... A little hot after 20 minutes but warm!
It's 3 am and I am still wandering around......

The next day we all wait some more and by some miracle I get a flight home later that night :-). Other Portlanders that I befriended did not :-(.

While 30 hours wasn't fun at least it was only 30 hours - the trials of others made me feel lucky.

Once I hit that plane seat it was all a blur.

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