The Shoshone Tribe By: Spencer Grund

This is a group of Shoshone men


The Shoshone lived in wikiups. They were single room dwellings made from willow branches and the floor was covered in mats made from tule leaves.

The tule leaves are a multi use leave.

This is a wikiup

They also lived in tipis.

These are tipis.


Most Shoshone traveled by horse they also used canoes or walked.

These are dugout Canoes.

These were made out of hollowed out wood


Behne is a simple greeting in Shoshone

Most of the Shoshone spoke their native language which is Shoshone

These are two men talking but then they pause....


The Shoshone wore clothing made from lots of different materials.

This is a man in a breech cloth and leggings

The men wore breech cloths and leggings, the women wore long deerskin dresses and aprons made from the milk weed plant.


There were three Shoshone groups the Eastern, Northern, and the Western. The Eastern Shoshone were big game hunters they ate lots of animals like buffalo, deer, rabbit, etc. The Northern hunted buffalo but relied on salmon the most. Finally the Western Shoshone ate mostly plants and were lucky to get a rabbit.


They used lots of tech to hunt and fish.The hunters used bows and arrows and the fishermen used spears nets and basket traps. The warriors Used bows and war clubs.

Roles of people

The roles of the kids were hunting and fishing. The roles of the men were to hunt, fish, and fight. The women took care of the house and cooking. Both genders took part in music, artwork, and traditional medicine.

This is a man fishing

Arts and crafts

Shoshone artists loved there art work and were very famous for their beadwork, baskets and painting arts.

Religion and traditions

Water ghosts and rock ghosts were feared by the Shoshone but they also had happy traditions like the father dance, the sun dance, and the ghost dance.

Enemies and allies

The Enemies of the Shoshone were the Blackfeet, the Lakota, and the Cheyenne. The allies of the Shoshone were the Crow, the Nez Perce, and the Paiute.

This is a picture of the Shoshone fighting the black feet


  • Great Basin Indians book

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