Saint Sebastian Patron saint of athletes

Saint Sebastian was born in Narbonne, France. His birth date is unknown.

He died January 20, 287 AD in Rome, Italy.

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of althetes.

The day that he is celebrated in the Church is January 20th for Catholics, and December 18th for Eatsern Orthodox.

Interesting facts about Saint Sebastian

He was named the patron saint priest sports because he was extremely fit and able to withstand long physical endurance.

He was led to be shot with arrows; they had filled his stomach; when they went to take him, he was still alive. He was later beaten to death when getting seen giving a girl her sight back.

He is one of the few saints who appears in the Litany of Saints.

He would assist his brothers in faith, privately, and perform many acts of love and chary for others.

Dear Saint Sebastian, I pray that I do my best in my sport for every game and every practice. I pray that you will assist me and help me work my hardest and not suffer any injuries. I pray that for everyone in any sport that they do not get any injuries and will play their best. You were very athletic and strong. May all althestes be always strong in what they do, but also in their faith, like you. Amen.

I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.

By: Alexia Duhaime

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