David livingstone by Haynes lalonde

Niel livingstone was David livingstone's dad. He was a tea merchant. David Livingstone had 8 siblings. His famly lived in the village of Blantyre Scotland.
David Livingstone worked at a cotton factory when he was a boy so he at he could buy a latin grammar book. He had such a passion for learning that he set up his book in the cotton factory so that he could study while he worked..
He was a Christian through out his whole life and belvied that God called him to do mission work. He even started his owne church. When he was a kid they went to church every sunday once in the morning and once int he afternoon. They never worked on the Sabbath.
He worked 14 hours a day so he could save up enough money to go to collage and study thoegly and medicine.
He felt that he was called to the mission flied when he heard Robart Mofat speak about the Africans living in poverty.
David livingstone conveted and saved many people to Christ and spread the good news through out Africa. He also raised awernes for the slave trade in Africa.
He won the founders gold medal for rasing awerness for the slave trade in Africa.
This is a awesome quote.





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