DAC DEMO DAYS Live Virtual Art Demonstrations with Dougherty Arts Center Artists

"Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on." —Albert Einstein

Join us every second Saturday this spring and summer for DAC DEMO DAYS! The Dougherty Arts Center's Gallery Artists are joining forces to provide you with virtual demonstrations that highlight unique art techniques and are sure to get your creative juices flowing! All demo events are free and open to the public. Browse the descriptions below and sign up via Eventbrite to receive your Zoom link!

We are also pleased to feature pre-recorded videos by a few of our Austin Art-O-Rama artists! Scroll down to learn more!


MARCH 20, 2 pm - 3 PM

Join Artist Emma Hadzi Antich as you she guides you through the process of painting on glass. Learn to work backwards and layer paint in a strategic way so that the completed artwork is rich in color and visually correct. Watch as bold lines, vibrant colors, and beautiful iconography unfolds before your eyes.

Using Byzantine iconographic style, Hadzi Antich explores and interprets modern, political, social and cultural myths that guide humans as social and political creatures. Her creative process places mythology into a new context, allowing the viewer to step outside of their perspective and see both myth and truth aligned.

This demonstration has already occurred. Scroll down to view the recorded version!


APRIL 10, 2 pm - 3 PM

Explore the meditative world of visual journaling. Have pencils and paper ready as Meena Matocha guides you through this integral part of her art making process. Learn how to set yourself up for an uninterrupted, meditative style journaling session, and gain tips and techniques that move your entries from concept to finished artworks.

Meditation, Scripture and contemplation play large parts in Motocha’s creative process. Her current body of work combines her love of the portrait and figure with the dramatic expression of abstraction. The artist’s curiosity about material and its contribution to the meaning and emotion of an artwork has caused her to explore the use of charcoal as a prominent medium, including ash, symbolizing humanity’s finitude.

This demonstration has already occurred. Scroll down to view the recorded version!


MAY 8, 2 PM - 3 PM

Marianne Levy will demonstrate her glazing process that creates a muted yet surreal finish to her sculptures. Learn how she creates depth in her work by adding a copper wash to her underglazes and applies layers of sprayed glaze that add beautiful variations to a sculpture's surface.

Levy creates ceramic figures inspired by some of the more well-known Grimm fairy tales but combines animal imagery and reimagined configurations of these characters to form a unique perspective. The results of these combinations are often surreal and hopefully humorous, albeit sometimes in a dark manner but convey an emotional truth, whether it be personal or collective, of hidden aspects of our psychology and nature.

This demonstration has already occurred. Scroll down to view the recorded version!


JUNE 12, 2 PM - 3 PM

Mixed media artist Marty Lewis takes you on a journey creating a diorama collage. Discover how you can use found objects and images from vintage prints to build a narrative and tell a visual story. Learn techniques that help you visually address a small three-dimensional space and apply collage materials to create a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Lewis is an artist and an emergency room nurse who finds inspiration in Haiku poetry, minimalism, and the narrative that collage can offer. Much of his inspiration comes from looking through junk and used bookstores in search of materials. The artist finds joy in the tattered and broken nature of these items and the countless hours of cutting and application of them cathartic. It's become his way to reflect, console, and forgive.



The Dougherty Art Center Austin Art-O-Rama is a one-day juried art festival that connects fine artists with the community. Visitors meet and shop local artists, sample art techniques both new and known through artist demonstrations, and enjoy hands-on art activities for all ages. This year our annual Austin Art-O-Rama has been postponed due to COVID-19 but we are pleased to feature artists who have provided pre-recorded content.



As an award winning artists, Brushwood's contemporary lines mesh with organic forms to create bold sculptural vessels. View her demonstration below to learn more about her practice and the techniques used to build her dynamic pieces.



Swenor's work captures the beauty of Texas. His artworks include soulful black and white photographs of the texas landscape as well as lovely aerial images captured from a viewpoint not often seen. View Swenor's video to gain tips learned while forming his aerial photography practice.



Macklaskey is a chef, artist, and maker who combines antique, vintage, found, and recycled items to bring new and surreal sculptures to life. View his recorded art short to see him get into character and take you through his imaginative thought process leading to fantastic artwork.

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