Rudi's life with anna By: Lexi #1 Hunt

Josephs return ch.23

In chapter 23 Joseph came back to Anna's house. He came back when Rudi and Ingrid were staying there. When he walked up the driveway he was very rude. He did not say hi or how are you he just said " I'm hungry fix me something to eat" Anna did not like the tone of his voice so she told him he could wait. That night at dinner Joseph was making rude comments about the war to Rudi. Ingrid's dog Sasha was not happy about that so she attacked Joseph Rudi held Sasha back saving Joseph's life. That scared Joseph so he went to sleep in the barn that night.

A hard decision ch.24

In chapter 24 Rudi couldn't sleep so he woke and up to talk to her. She told him he was crazy to be talking to her at that time. He said that there was a problem and Anna knew it had to do with Joseph. Rudi told Anna he was going to leave but he wanted Ingrid to stay with her. Before he left he gathered sticks and stones for Ingrid to draw. He then said goodbye to Anna and left. Before he left he stopped by the barn to see Joseph. He warned Joseph that if anything happened to Anna, Ingrid, or her farm he would be back to get him.

The passing of night ch.25

One day Rudi was in the forest when he herd a man running in a field about how the war was over. At first Rudi did not want to move because he thought he was in a dream he didn't want to end. He then saw Oscar in the field with some other soldiers. He ran up and frightened Oscar. Oscar was happy to see him. Rudi told Oscar about Ingrid and Joseph. Oscar was mad when he herd Anna burned his scarf. Rudi told Oscar to tell Anna he would be back for Ingrid but that he was going to find his dad in Warsaw first.


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