FOX RIVER VALLEY PONY CLUB The FRVPC Legacy: Youth Equine Education with an emphasis on Good Horsemanship, Stewardship of Open Spaces & Land Conservation

Fox River Valley Pony Club Established 1963 Barrington Hills, IL
Top: 1975 Regional Rally Galena, IL: Gail Hunkler, Julie Hunkler, Amy Barcroft, Jan Gunther, Eric Eff with banner. Bottom left: Ronda Ewing jumping competion circa 1976. Bottom right: Debbie and Angie Nestrud, D Ratings 1977 Spring Creek Farm.

FRVPC has been educating and inspiring generations of equestrians. The skills, habits and values instilled through horsemanship provide tools to succeed not only in equestrian sport, but in life.

Dr. Cara Rosenbaum of Chicago Equine Medical Center teaches FRVPC youth members about equine health and preventative medical care.

Handling, riding and caring for a horse helps promote such positive character traits as accountability, patience, self-discipline, self-confidence, empathy, and kindness.

Left: Heidi Schmidt Schaefer, FRVPC Graduate A, with Steve Schaefer of Bellis Show Jumping. Right: Allison Springer, FRVPC Graduate A and International 5* Eventer

Our club has produced alumni who have received top national rankings, competing and earning top honors at international levels in equestrian sports. Equally important, our club has generated scores of riders who enjoy horses and ponies for the rest of their lives instilled with a strong sense of safety, proper care, and equine community. As a testament, our club enjoys numerous second & third generation Pony Club families.

FRVPC youth members practice trial riding safely in a group with RCBH mentor Virginia Brown. Mothers and grandmothers, also equestrians, attend in support.
FRVPC Alumni and Friends Celebration at the Barrington Hills Park District Riding Center


  • PLATINUM $10,000+
  • GOLD $5,000+
  • SILVER $2500+
  • BRONZE $1000+

Your annual donation will support the educational mission of our local Fox River Valley Pony Club to include: Weekly mounted lessons, unmounted horse management instruction, clinics, camps, field trips, local certifications, attendance at regional and national Pony Club Team Rallys.

Fox River Valley Pony Club Educational Activities for Youth Members

As a FRVPC Annual Sponsor your support will help in maintaining the equestrian designation of the Spring Lake Forest Preserve in Barrington Hills, IL. The Barrington Hills Park District works in partnership with fellow equine organizations The Fox River Valley Pony Club, The Riding Club of Barrington Hills and the Fox River Valley Hounds to maintain the equestrian designation of the Spring Creek Forest Preserve. FRVPC contributes to this effort by maintaining trails, tracks and cross country jumps for use at our events, camps, clinics and by the general public throughout the year. Your support will help us in sustaining this massive effort. Your support will also contribute to the maintenance and replacement of equipment, courses, and jumps used to teach various disciplines, host events and horse shows open to the community.

1.FRVPC parents and youth members clearing the Mini Event Field, 2. Jay Hambly FEI Cross Country Course Designer setting the course, 3. Spring Lake Forest Preserve map of horse riding trial system, 4. Happy competitor


June 25-27, 2021 the Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in Barrington Hills, IL. We look forward to expressing our gratitude to the Barrington Hills Equine Community, our Sponsors and Volunteers for 50 years of support.


  • PLATINUM $10,000+
  • GOLD $5000+
  • SILVER $2500+
  • BRONZE $1000+
Pony Clubbers help with FRVPC Horse Trials Show Jump Course with FEI Jump & Course Designer Brody Robertson and Judge Peter Grey

FRVPC Horse Trial & Mini Event Sponsors are essential to the success of our events. We welcome your support and have several opportunities to celebrate you, your loved ones, your foundation, your business or your favorite charity. Event sponsorship is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and be a part of the FRVPC Horse Trials & CCI** ( International) a high profile equestrian event, as well as our FRVPC Mini Event, CT, & Dressage show a local schooling show.

  • FRVPC Event sponsors will be recognized on the Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials and Mini Event website by level with your preferred name.
  • Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors have the option to include their logo / image and web link on the FRVPC Events website by level.
  • The 2021 Horse Trials Event is June 25-27 and Mini Event, CT and Dressage Show May 15-16th.
  • Event Sponsors will also be recognized in the FRVPC Horse Trials digital event program.

We welcome creative ways to recognize your contributions at our events that are best aligned with your unique goals and interests. Additional opportunities for recognition at both the FRVPC HT and Mini Event, listed below, non-exhaustive:

$10,000+ Platinum Sponsor Recognition opportunities

  • Title Sponsor for one of the FEI CCI** (International) Divisions & opportunity to present awards in that division.
  • Or a deluxe cross country jump environment designed in your honor.
  • Or a complete Show Jump set: Two pairs of custom designed standards, panel with custom logo and poles.
Above left: 2019 FRVPC CC** Awards, Top right: Jump sponsored by Barrington Saddlery, Bottom left: FRVPC Cross Country Water Complex with Boat House Jump and Barrington Hills Farm Silo, Bottom Left: Cresswood Barn

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the Fox River Valley Horse Trials & CCI** competition and the Olympic sport of Eventing. Follow Hannah Hubsch & her horse Bethel Park as they complete their: Soundness Jogs, Dressage phase, Cross Country Jumping phase, Show Jumping phase and Victory Lap after winning the 2019 FRVPC CCI**L Division.

Custom Show Jumps Designed by Brody Robertson

$5000+ Gold Event Sponsorship recognition opportunities

  • Title Sponsor for Novice, Training or Preliminary divisions & opportunity to present awards in that division.
  • Or an advanced level cross country jump.
  • Or a Show Jump set with: One pair of custom designed standards, a custom panel with your name and logo and color coordinated poles.
  • Or your name on the Hospitality Tent during the FRVPC Horse Trials.
  • Or your name on a banner on a dressage ring during both events.
  • Or sponsorship of golf cart rentals for Horse Trials for Volunteers and Officials, your name on each rented golf cart during the event.

FRVPC HT and Mini Event Silver Level Sponsor $2500+

  • Title Sponsor for Starter Novice or Beginner Novice Divisions & opportunity to present awards in that division.
  • Or a Starter or Beginner Novice Cross Country Jump.
  • Or a Sponsorship of golf cart rentals for Mini Event for volunteers and officials, your name on each rented golf cart during the event.

FRVPC HT and Mini Event Silver Level Sponsor $1000+

  • Your name in honor of a special award per show: "Best Turn Out for Jog", "Best Conditioned Horse in the CCI**" chosen by FEI vet, etc.
  • Or sponsorship of an event management essential- opportunities include: Lunch for Volunteers, or meals for Judges & Officials, or decorations for a show jump or cross country course, or T-shirts for Volunteers

Please Contact: Deborah Nestrud Gallagher for more information on Fox River Valley Pony Club Sponsorship Opportunities - email: deborahnestrud@hotmail.com cell: 847 848-3578

Your sponsorship is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law through the Fox River Valley Pony Club - a 501c3 non-profit organization


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