The School Newsletter Week 8, Term 4 2021

What's Coming Up

  • Wednesday 24 Nov: Book Week Parade beginning 9am - live on Facebook
  • All Week: Book Fair open
  • Friday 26 November: Second Kinder 2022 Orientation
  • Monday 29 November: Year 5 leadership day
  • Tuesday 30 Nov: Year 3-6 Blackbutt Excursion
  • Friday 3 December: Semester 2 reports published to Compass
  • Friday 3 December: Leadership Speeches - live on Zoom
  • Tuesday 7 December: End of year award ceremony - Live streamed
  • Thursday 9 December: Year 6 Big Day Out - learn to surf
  • Friday 10 December: Swimming Carnival Yrs 1-6
  • Tuesday 14 December: Graduation Ceremony @10am - details to follow
  • Wednesday 15 December: Last day of school for students
  • Thursday 16 December: Last day for staff


From the Principal

This Sunday we begin a new liturgical year as we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent, Year C. The Gospel reading is Luke 21:25-28, 34-36:

“Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

The four weeks of Advent are a slow waiting. One candle this week. The empty crib. With Mary and Joseph we wait for Christ. The candles lighting the way for them — and for us, one each week of Advent.

If you look around, you could be excused for thinking that Christmas is nearly over. The Christmas parties are well under way. The shopping centres are stocked with Christmas gift ideas and food. The carols have been played for weeks now.

The best waiting that we do is slow waiting. Like waiting for a baby to be born. Parents wonder about their child . . . What will he/she look like . . . Will he/she be more like Mum or Dad? The other children in the family look forward to another baby. Grandparents wait with pride.

If we wait patiently in faith and in hope, then everything, even the carols sung too early and the celebrations too early, can remind us of the God who is coming soon in Jesus Christ, to be born of Mary.


On Thursday this week (25th November), our new principal, Lucy Harvey, will visit St Patrick’s. She is looking forward to meeting with the staff and getting to know our students. I will spend a good deal of time with Lucy, passing on information that will make her transition to St Patrick’s as smooth as possible. Lucy has told me that she is very excited about coming to St Patrick’s.

Peter Green



Our Book Week parade is taking place tomorrow 24th November at 9.00am. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions will mean that parents and carers will be unable to attend the Book Week parade, but we will live stream it through Facebook for those who would like to tune in.

The book fair will be open for business all week. Again, due to COVID restrictions, parents and carers will be unable to come into the school to purchase books, so we will photograph the books, their shelf locations, and prices. The students will be able to create wish lists. Payments can be made online or with cash. More information will follow through Compass and Facebook.

We know which book characters we are dressing up as. We hope you have been thinking about your costumes too.

Karen Devlin (Teacher librarian)



After COVID forced us to postpone our Kindergarten orientation mornings several times, our first orientation morning finally went ahead last Friday. There was a great deal of excitement and anticipation as the parents and carers dropped off their children for their first taste of “big school”. No tears! Not even from the parents! What a promising start!

As usual, our Year 4 students did an outstanding job of ensuring that the little ones felt comfortable and safe. The opportunity to be a senior buddy to the little ones is indeed a rite of passage . . . they enjoy the responsibility and they know that they are doing a very important job. We are so proud of them. Thanks to cathy Curk and Cathy Dent who prepared the Year 4 students so well for their role as senior buddies.

Claire Browne, who will teach Kindergarten next year, put many hours of preparation into the morning. There were lots of activities set up for the children to do. Sincere thanks to Claire, as well as to Liz Walker who has organised countless orientation mornings in the past and wo was a wonderful source of ideas and advice. There were many other good people who ensured that the morning was successful . . . thank you so much, one and all.

We are looking forward to welcoming back the Kindergarten 2022 children this Friday morning for Round Two.



On Monday next week (29th November), the students of Year 5 will undertake leadership training in preparation for their role as student leaders in 2022. During the day, they will nominate for positions of leadership as our senior students in 2022.

In total, there will be ten leadership positions that the Year 5 students will contest:

  • Two school captains.
  • Two leaders of mission.
  • Six sport captains.

The responsibilities linked to each of these roles will be explained to the students before they nominate for them. Having nominated for a position(s), the students will write speeches in which they will appeal to the other students to vote for them. The students will deliver their speeches to the other students on Friday next week (3rd December), beginning at 9.15am. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions mean that family members will not be able to attend the speeches in person, but the speeches will be delivered through Zoom.

The link is https://mncatholic.zoom.us/j/67319343746

Password: 748534

The speeches will begin at 9.15am with the boys making their speeches. There will be a break during which the Years 2 to 5 students will cast their votes, and this will be followed by the girls’ speeches. We anticipate that the speeches and voting will be finished by approximately 10.00am. Although only the students from Years 2 to 5 are eligible to vote, all of the students will have the opportunity to listen to the speeches.

The successful candidates will be announced at the end-of-year awards ceremony on Tuesday 7th December, which begins at 10.00am. COVID restrictions mean that the awards ceremony will be live streamed.

If you would like to read our Student Leadership policy, you will find it on our school website



Jaymie has written some poems in which she has used a device called alliteration, where you begin as many words as possible with the same sound:

Beautiful Mrs Browne is a big-hearted, bright, beloved, brave and brilliant teacher.👩😄🤗

Mr Green is a gregarious, gracious, gifted and glad gem of a principal.👦😀🤗

Welcoming Mrs Walker is a whole-hearted, wonderful, well-liked and warm teacher.👧😍🤗

Not to be outdone, Mrs Browne has replied with her own alliterative poem:

Joyful Jaymie just made my day more jovial with her jazzy poetry jewels!

We may have a poetry duel happening here! Send your alliterative poem to peter.green@mn.catholic.edu.au if you would like to share your creative writing talents with us!



Our teacher librarian, Mrs Karen Devlin, and her husband Simon, became grandparents for the first time yesterday. Harry Finn Charlton weighed 3.9 kg. We congratulate Karen and Simon and, of course, Harry’s proud parents, Clare and Oliver.





If you give consent for your child to attend the Years 3 to 6 excursion to Blackbutt Reserve next Tuesday (30th November), please make your $15 payment via the QKR app, where a special excursion section has been set up for ease of use. Alternatively, you may call the school office with your credit card details over the phone. Payment must be made by This Friday 26 November.

  • What to wear: Sport uniform, including a hat.
  • What to bring: Lunch, afternoon tea, water, sunscreen.

In addition to the normal precautions that we write into our risk assessments for such excursions, the COVID-safe precautions will include the following:

  • Each class will travel to and from Blackbutt in their own designated bus with their own cohort.
  • Each class will spend the duration of the day with their own teacher, operating independently of the other cohorts.
  • The students will be instructed not to share food, water bottles and personal items such as hats.
  • The students will be encouraged to use hand sanitiser throughout the day, and to use soap after using the toilet.


Lake Macquarie Drawing Competition



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