Midterm 2D Digital disign

This is a portion of a drawing I did of Ansel Adams photograph "The Leaf." On my paper it is nice and straight but it looks curved here because it is a picture I took of the piece. It is done on a 16 x 24 in paper and couldn't be scanned. I chose this for figure and ground because of the negative black space. This drawing still has a long way to go as far as shading but it does show how the figure (leaves/positive space" are enhanced by the ground (negative space).

This is one of my photographs and the borders themselves are off because I took a picture of a picture to get it into digital format. This is a memorial photo of me holding my sister's picture. My sister is the focus of this more than myself. I think if I were to lay the Fibonacci Spiral over this piece the focus would be on my sister as intended. In this case I am the framing around what I had intended for the focus of this photograph. In film photography is important to get the correct composition and "frame" everything you want in the shot before hand. If you don't it is hard to replicate later because in film photography you never know what you will get till you develop and print your pictures.

I like this piece using Mark and Line by Vasilj Godzh. I like this piece because just using mark and line can create a wonderful image full of depth. The thing I found most interesting about mark and line is that it can be used for many different aspects in art. In drawing you can use techniques like cross hatching to shade in different areas. Stippling can be used in the same way as well and both techniques with others can be used in Photoshop.

This piece is by Lee Ufan and I really like the graduated coloring of this grid. This is a literal use of a grid to make a piece of art. A grid is also used when drawing and trying to layout a piece. I use a grid system when I'm drawing faces to get everything in correct proportion. Using the grid system can be very helpful in many types of art.

This is one of my photographs that shows pattern well. Pattern is a repeated shape or color that relays visual rhythm in the piece. This is a subtle pattern of a knitted sweater. I like how the pattern and light moves your eye from bottom to top.

Texture is something I love in artwork. It gives artwork a completely different feel. Texture may be implied or real and sometimes either one is hard to achieve. For my texture piece I chose to use one of my black and white photos. The texture is real but of course in the photograph it looks like implied texture. It is a picture of me taking a picture with my shadow on steps. The texture is from shoe prints in the snow.

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Nina Adams

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