Between Multiple Sides of Me Rachael Cousins

The poem written by Gregory Scofield called "Between Sides" had really stood out for me because even though it is remarking on his Canadian heritage and where he feels he fits (or rather does not fit) because of his blood connections, I believe that everyone feels that they are between the sides of themselves.

It stood out to me like a sore thumb as something that resembles poor mental health. In my own experience it makes you feel as if you do not truly know which is the real you. Is it the you that is having panic attacks just to get yourself to class? Or is the real you the avid reader who is always respectful of those around you? Or is it even the girl who is just scared of spiders and eats way more ice cream than seems physically possible for a human of limited income? In fact, I think the greatest connection between this poem and what I had just mentioned is near the very end of the last stanza.

Photo Taken by Rachael Cousins

This is also a very important poem when looking at where the world is today with lack of respect/ heightened discrimination from those that hide behind the luxury of a computer screen. This is a new tool to a whole new wave of hurting others based on what they look like/ how they talk/ where their family originates from. This poem is reflecting back on how he did not fit in with either of the family groups seeing as he was not entirely one of them. Looking into all of our ancestries however, there is very likely no one who is only from one nationality. Some are just better at hiding their undesired traits from others when they are ashamed by it for whatever reason. We are all children of the Earth and should all be respected as such.

Keeping that last point made in mind, looking at the way that some people choose to treat those that are not heterosexual can be disgusting in it's lack of basic respect. The poet of this piece, Gregory Scofield identifies as gay, so even with his sexual orientation he may feel stuck between what he is and what society is asking/telling him that he should be. I can only imagine how incredibly frustrating it must be for someone to be told that they are wrong if they are being themselves. This poem highlights overall how dire it is that we understand that it is normal to feel out of place, and to feel as if no one is accepting you as who you are. I also think however that what should be taken from this poem is the fact that we as human beings need to start looking beyond the skin colour, the sexual orientation, etc of a human and look at the kind of human being that they are in their actions instead.

With that, I believe that the most important thing to consider when facing all of the different sides of yourself, the beautiful and the unfavourable, it must be remembered and celebrated that all of those parts work together to make a human with fault but also with great inner strength.

Embrace All Sides.


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