Great Exspectations Mia martinez

As you journey down the wealthy path, is all morality lost?

Section 1/3

"I consumed the whole time in thinking how strange it was that I should be encompassed by all this taint of prison and crime; that, in my childhood out on our lonely marshes on a winter evening I should have first encountered it"() 33

A picture of the convict and pip as a child.

I had to choose this paragraph. Not only becuase it reflecs on pips feelings about exspiranceing this event in his childhood, but it one of the only times pip reflecs on his childhood includeing this topic. It states hes not totally moral sometimes. we know that criminals are bad. Theyve done bad things. But Pip still dicides to help. This might as well couldve been done out of fear, yes. But even now pip continues to aid the breaking of laws. Even now, most feel deep down that we wouldnt do something like that here. Here as in real life. Is it wrong or right? its one of those gray areas in the book. This is a big part in pips life, becuase at this moment, hes reamebering the action he did in order to get where he wanted.

Motif for this section : Bad morality

Section 2/3

"Many a time of an evening, when I sat alone looking at the fire, I thought, after all, there was no fire like the forge fire and the kitchen fire at home."() 34

Joe and pip.

Pip has looked down upon Joe throuought the second part of the book. But this exspresses how he still loves Joe, and feels even though he would rather be at the place he is currently in terms of stability, he feels there is nothing like the place he truly feels is home, and the people included in it. Even though Pip is sevearly clouded by the ideas of a gentleman, and looks down upon the people who raised him, it seems at this point he will never abondon the idea of them compleately. This is a huge part of Pips life. Realiseing after all is done, weather his adventure of becomeing

Motif for this section: Family before arrogance

Section 3/3

"While my mind was thus engaged, I thought of the beautiful young Estella, proud and refined, coming towards me, and I thought with absolute abhorrence of the contrast between the jail and her. "()33

Pip loves estrella. And thinks of her all the time. He constantly compares things to her, knowing in his mind there is nothing that can come close to her in terms of the way he thinks. Shes a pice of the foundation to his life. Shes essential to his personallity. She belives he is diffrent from what we know, and treats him so. Out of all the charecters of the book, shes a very close second to Pip. If only she felt the same way to him as he does to her. This asset is another key to the book. The feeling of neglect to his feelings. This one thing sestains the mood of the book overall, and without this crucial detail things just wouldnt be the same.

Motif for this section: Euphoric Duplicity

Hows Pip feeling near the end?

Pip has always belived this whole fantasy about Ms.Havisham planning all this out. Its been his fariytale ending. That he would marry estrella and all his dreams would be fufilled. however... Upon meeting the convict and finding out the dramatic irony that the convict has been supplying him this whole time. That all the work he thought her went through was actually just the convict supplying him. Yes, it made him a gentalmen... but now its for no reason. he wanted to be this for Estrella and now he thinks there is no way estrella was going to marry him in the first place. This, in my opinion, is the biggist reveal of the book. the big bombshell. This is it. Now, all dreams have been concured by the truth. And as for pips dreams of marrying the woman he lovers? They are now concidered meaningless to him. Hopefully,though, he wont give up this easily going on, and will find a way around this boulder in the middle of his pathway.


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