O-Two Artistry Apparel & Art by Kris Collins

Slither. Acrylic and Spraypaint on a skateboard deck. This one was featured in the Scene 3 Boardshop Skateboard Art Show.

Carpe Noctem/Oaksiders 2019. Apparel.

Fly or Die: Bird of War

*Pen & ink


Spring-Splattered Daisy. Watercolor Painting on paper.

Timberlake Road. When you combine a Brookville bee and a Heritage Pioneer. Battle of the Southwest Corner. Apparel.

Ain’t No denying

*Pen & ink


No friend of 9. Re-directed Acrylic Painting.

Traci’s Custom bootleg chucks. Hand-painted with Angelus paints.

You made it This way

*Pen & ink


Gobble them up

*Watercolor, Pen and ink

Full color die-cut stickers featuring hand-drawn art from Inktober 2019.

Lucky number 13 (and O2A graphic). Hand-drawn art from Inktober 2019, converted to vector art and made into apparel.

Jesus Piece. Re-directed Acrylic Painting.

A Spirit’s influence (Oct 11 from Inktober 2019). Pen and ink—Apparel

Oaksiders (Lightning) snapback caps available in various colors.

Be still in the night

*Pen & ink


Oct 26. Pen and ink drawing from Inktober 2019.

Commissioned Family Portrait. Watercolor Painting.

O-Two Artistry 2019 hoodie. Hand drawn type.

Quench my thirsty soul

*Pen & ink


Karilyn (the girl you thought you knew). Watercolor Painting.

Time to Get it. Pen and ink drawing for Apparel. 4 exclusive hand-drawn locations.

Oaksiders/SWC (Oct 19). Hand-drawn pen and ink, converted to vector art for Apparel. 2019 Inktober drawing.

You’ve shown me All I need to know

*Pen & ink


Carpe Noctem 2018/Oaksiders. Graphic Art (vector) on coasters and apparel.

Various die-cut stickers available at otwoartistry.com

Back on Our shit again. Re-directed Acrylic painting.

Catch me If you Want.

Pen and Ink. Graphic art. Apparel.


*Watercolor, pen and ink.

Created By
Kris Collins


Kris Collins of O-Two Artistry