Being 15 in Brazil By: GRACE DROBEK (5th Hour)

Brazil is located in South America. It is the fifth largest country by population. The most recent Olympics were held in Rio De Janeiro and in 2014, the Men’s Fifa World Cup was hosted in Rio. Brazil has the eighth largest economy in the world. It also the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world.
Being 15 in Brazil is difficult yet hopeful, because of the amount of poverty in the country and the culture of soccer.
Some challenges might be caring and providing for your family as a 15 year old.
Some challenges a 15 year old in the country might be the level of poverty your family is living in. (A humanitarian NGO. “Humanium – Together for Children's Rights.” Humanium Together for Childrens Rights, a Humanitarian NGO , 2014,
Is difficult to live in poverty but hopeful becauses you are able to start to create a life for yourself. Brazilians are able to start from little to nothing and still provide for themselves and their family. It is truly remarkable.
A cool part of being 15 in Brazil is growing up around the sport of soccer.
You are able to grow up in a country that is so interested and involved in soccer (futbol). (“Kids from Brazil.” Kids from Brazil,
It is really cool to have a culture revolved around a certain sport. No matter how wealthy or poor you may be, everyone is able to come together to enjoy a love for soccer.
Being 15 in Brazil is difficult yet hopeful. Their lives are full of choices, independence and the courage to keep believing in themselves and their country. However, these things come with difficult times. You must be thinking ahead and planing your future which at times can be a lot to manage at one time. Living in Brazil is living in a developing country with plenty of hope and difficult times.

Through this process, by taking perspective, I understand how truly grateful I am in my life.

I am grateful that I am able to chose my future such as when I get married.
In Brazil, around a third of women get married before the age of 18.
Even though I can not imagine getting married in my life before 18, I understand that the women who grow up and get married at a young age are doing it to help themselves and their families.

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