Sunrise Surfshop- jax beach ArchitectuRal concept study - exterior facades


Area Map - Beach Blvd.
Site Map

Previous Exterior Facade

70's-80's era
Previous East Facade

Current Exterior Facade

After the Storm
Current Exterior Images

As-built Documents

Current Floor Plan
Current As-built Elevations

Schematic Concept A

Existing Interior Character Images
Concept A Site Plan
Site Plan / Roof Plan
Concept A Sketch
Concept A - East Elevation
Concept A NE Corner
Concept A SE Corner
Concept A Entry View
Bird's Eye
Bird's Eye
Concept A - South Elevation
Concept A - North Elevation


View Driving West
Concept B Sketch
Concept B East Elevation
Concept B North Elevation
Concept B Bird's Eye
Concept B SE Corner
Concept B Entry

Schematic concept c

Concept C Driving West
Schematic Sketch
Concept C East Elevation
Concept C North Elevation
Concept C Bird's Eye Entry
Concept C
Concept C Entry

Concept comparison study

Concepts A, B, C

Materials Study

Alternate options for Entry Wall - Mosaic Concrete Tile and Skate Deck Tile
Final Exterior Materials - Tile and Skate Deck on Entry Wall options

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