racism juan,r

My topic is racism , racism is a very controversial problem in the usa. A lot of man and women think that there race is Superior to another race. The ways that people are separated by race and culture are by saying you cant do this or use things that we use. Sometimes people take it to far like making people work for unfair work involvement and just in slaving some one.

the picture you see on top is a ways some people strikes fear onto people of a different race. Some times they would go around grave people of a different race and kill them . This inhumane act was not punished because in the old bays they would allow this because nobody would speak up.

The way that i think that people can stop this horrible act is with kindness and love.I dont know why people only rest in peace why cant we live in peace to . I know that there would always be somebody with power and a bigger voice then me that thinks in a raciest way there is all ways ganna be racism in the world know matter were we go. But we can at least make it not such a big problem.

The ways that this effects me because when i look back at history bi know that im apart of that race and i dont like when people judge us just because of the way we look. I think is unfair and cruel just to judge some some because of the way they look dress or live. I think everybody should be give an oppertonity to show there worth.


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