Still Life Photography contrast between the genders in appearance

There is a guy, who's an awkward nerd, and has no fashion sense. He decides to wear an average sweater to a party! Now he has to decide between some cheap deodorant or cologne.
There is a girl, who's an outgoing fashionista, and loves to be around people. She enjoys her friends company, and therefore decides to attend a party nearby. She dresses up and embraces her feminine side, and ends up revealing her free flowing and beautiful personality to the world.
The flowers flowing out of the perfumes cover depict the continuity and progression of femininity in the girl.
The blurred lens of the spectacles, show us the confused and blurred vision of men in society while taking and making decisions. The different ways and view points of seeing things.
The way you carry and exhibit yourself plays a major role in today's world. Your love and respect is drawn from the way you present yourself and appear in front of others.
A man's stereotypical looks and personality though the eyes of society and it's implications.
The hoops interconnected show a women's personality and appearance speaking for each other. Social and mental interconnection. Roles of a female, mother's, daughters, wives, sisters... all go hand in hand as a big chain of life, each following one after the other.
The emphasis on the knot, portrays the restrictions of a male's appearance and how they are not able to express their fashionable side without society looking down upon them.
The boundaries of a women and the crossroads at which they stand.
The overview of a male's appearance and look
The overview of a female's appearance and look
At the party, the girl and the guy meet, and their appearances and personalities meld into one another. This was because they were able to absorb and appreciate each other's differences.
We had a great time working together as a team, towards the success of this project. We all worked well with each other and took advantage of the gender difference within our group by applying it to our project. Even though we had last minute trouble, we worked hard and managed to satisfy and exceed our expectations.
Created By
Rashika Guha Thakurta

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