Number the Stars Book Diary BY: Aniyah


I think that war is a battle that happens between two country's. Why i think that is because those two country's fight over the right that they can't have certain things in there country or that they can't have what they always asked for. The reason for war is because it can show us that those two country's really want that and they will battle the other country if they didn't have that or wanted that.

In World War ll, people in those countries probably felt scared and terrified because they might have not known what to do if they got killed. And they probably felt horrible because they were watching there own friends get killed when they should be the ones going after the people that they are having a battle with. Or they might just felt frightened because they have never been in that situation before and it's there first battle against another country.


What i think about when i think about neighbors is that they are helpful and careful and can sometimes always be there for you if you ever need them and didn't even know who you were. I think that because if your house ever caught on fire u would always have a neighbor to help you and always be there to help you save the people that are in your house that are in really bad danger. And i also think this is because if you ever needed someone to take care of something while you are out doing something too.

If there was a war going on and my neighborhood was affected, I would realistically respond by saying are you guys ok? Is everyone ok? Are you hurt? I would say that because if there was a war and they had gotten hurt i would go and help them and call someone to see if they can help and then once that person is starting to be fine i would go and check on my other neighbors to make sure there fine and not hurt either.

Number the Stars

I think the Number the Stars will be about how things happen in the war and how did they affect your neighborhood and what happened to people who were in the war. I think that because we had to do 2 pictures and explanation about the war and our neighbors so that would give us hints about maybe what the book would be about.I also think the book Number the Stars will be about this people or kids who are hearing about how there neighborhood is going to have a war and they don't know what to do, but they go to there neighbors and ask them what should they do if they actually do have a huge war in there neighborhood? And there neighbors might not know what to do so they go and ask other people who might know what to do if they actually have a huge war that will might happen in there neighborhood.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, " Be one of many." I think this means that she was telling her daughter that even if there are some kids in your school that are cool and that are rude and stuff doesn't mean anything, that you can be one of everything that you would like to be in the world. I also think this means is that she was saying that to tell her daughter maybe that you don't have to be like everyone because you are one person and that you can be one person but you could also have different personality's that can be more then one or one of many of everything.

"Well, Annemarie said slowly, "now i think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews, as well." (page 25)

It would look probably confusing or weird because they are different bodyguards and they might do things different from what the other guards, instead of what they do. I also think that because the Denmark and the Johansens might think that the Jews hate them because they have never seen them before probably and they are coming from somewhere else, the Jews might think that they just came there just to come there because they were really confusing. But the Jews might feel scared because they would probably in the wrong spot since all those bodyguards had came to were they are.



One thing that happen in Number the Stars with man vs. man was that the soldiers were arguing/yelling at everyone when they were going to there houses because they wanted all the jews out and they didn't want to see them again. And also the soldiers were arguing with Annemaries dad about if they had any jews or if they were hiding any because the soldiers don't want any more jews alive.

One thing that Number of the Stars that had man vs. world is that the soldiers were going to everyone's apartment and was yelling at them about how they didn't want any more jews alive and didn't want them no were to be seen , but the soldiers also made sure the people weren't doing anything so before everyone found out about them going to search there apartments they sent a note out to everyone so that they knew that they were going to be looking for jews and they will be searching there apartments too.

In the book Number the Stars there was man vs. self when Annemarie was scared and she didn't want her friend to leave. I think that this is man vs. man is because Annemarie and Ellen always knew each other for a long time and if they didn't see each other ever again because Ellen is jews is because they known each other forever and they would hate to not see each other no more or they will be totally upset.

In the book Number of Stars there was man. vs world because the soldiers were controlling everyone around that were jews. I think that it is man vs. world is because they were controlling everyone that were jews and the people who had to get up just for the soldiers to control the jews and everywhere they went and did. 

The theme in book of the heading is to never give up on a dream and you should always follow that dream no matter what happens.

Theme means like the BIG sentence or the BIG thing about the main idea.

The book shows this theme because Annemarie was scared that she wasn't gonna be able to see Ellen again because she had to leave or the soldiers would catch them,but she hoped and believed that she was going to be able to see her again. This theme shows that whenever you make a dream never give up on that dream and always hold it forever. One example from the beginning of the book was that Annemarie was really scared she was going to lose her best friend and not see her again. And one example from the end of the book was that when Annemarie's mom told Annemarie that she will be able to see Ellen again so Annemarie believed that and kept on dreaming.


Vocabulary Words

Lanky & Stocky

Lanky & Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old,unlike lanky Annamarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff,and lanky sounds like the word loose.These words are describing characters's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky mean bulky or thickset.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with: Other words: messy ,cheesy ,lucky


"Wait for me!" wailed little Kristi, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening. pg.2


"Why are you running?" the harsh voice asked. His










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