An Ignatian Advent Weekly Advent Reflections from the Jesuit Network

As we set out on this second week of Advent, we ask for these graces:

That I may hear the cry of the earth and of the poor -- and respond by inviting others to a hope-filled future.
Week 2

"Advent is the time of opening ourselves to the risk of hope, and the power that it gives us to see new possibilities, to be renewed, to let the life that the Holy Spirit who has been breathed into us become our life. The Lord has come, now in our time, and for all time." - Jesuit Curia, Rome

God's Timing

We see injustice and want change now. Understandable. We are called to be prophets, pointing to God's justice, God's dream for the world. But we are also called to collaborate with God, trusting in God's time, contributing what we can and allowing the Master Builder to work.

"Peace, I leave with You"

After losing several students to gun violence, Luisa began to work with local mothers to promote what their community most lacked: peace. Offer a prayer of peace for all suffering from violence.

Hail Mary, Mother of Our World

On the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patron Saint of the Americas, offer your prayers for all asylum seekers at the U.S.’s southern border that they may find safety, security, and refuge. Learn more about the work of JRS/Mexico and it’s work to serve asylum seekers.

He has thrown down the rulers from their thrones but lifted up the lowly. Luke 1:52

Inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesuit Refugee Service shares an opportunity for all of us to take action on behalf of migrants.

Preach and Repent

The way we live and the changes we make during this time of preparation are a concrete sign of how God is preparing us for Jesus to come into our lives. Let us prepare with humble hearts.

Ignatian Carbon Challenge

Challenge yourself to simplify and make space for prayer in preparation for Christmas this Advent.


Week 1

"Advent draws us into the mystery of God who acts in history but is not bound by it. We are invited to contemplate God whose promises are embedded within our time and history, shaping it and slowly bringing it to fulfillment in unexpected ways and through the least expected people. In Advent we encounter God who never ceases to surprise us." - Jesuit Curia, Rome

Embrace the Magis; Seek the More

God calls us to great things. But God's timing, God's ways, are frequently not ours. How might we better listen to God's voice -- and in so doing, contribute to God's greater glory?

This reflection comes from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States.

The Story of Estefani

A pregnant mother who journeyed from Venezuela to Ecuador to find a better life for her baby. Offer a prayer for all young mothers like Estefani who are searching for a better life for their children.

This reflection comes from Jesuit Refugee Service.

Future Greatness

Advent is a liturgical season of great significance to Christians. We have the opportunity to reflect on, and prepare for, Jesus to enter the world as a child in need of love and care. As we contemplate Jesus as a child, vulnerable and fragile, we are able to see his greatness.

This reflection comes from the Office of Ignatian Spirituality and is available in Spanish.