This sweet room makeover inspires creativity as well as a peaceful place to read a book or do a puzzle.

The Before

  • The color brown dominates the scene and lends to a feeling of a library rather than a little girl's room.
  • Her favorite doll and books are placed too high to easily get to.
  • There’s only seating for one, leaving no place for a friend to play.
  • The oversized plaid bag is beautiful but perhaps too mature for the space and coordinates with nothing.
  • There's a lack of indirect lighting for bedtime stories or general "warmth.”

The After

  • Who says you can't leave cabinet doors open? Open doors in this case can create an inviting area. It welcomes children to discover what's inside and creates a perfect space to drape a bright blanket to cozy up with.
  • We stacked books vertically and horizontally in color blocking which is esthetically pleasing..
  • Children are extremely tactile so we added two additional rugs to the space to create visual interest and ensure many satisfying hours of reading and play.
  • An abundance of oversized pillows not only brings more shades of pink into the room but offers different comfortable options for friends to cuddle up and play.
  • The world globe provides warm pink hued light, especially at night, while it can simultaneously be used as an educational tool.
  • Plush toys don't have to be stored away. Create a home for a few of your child's plush friends to create a focal point in the decor that provides character to a scene such as this.

Columbine Style offers a $150, 2 hour in-home consultation which will result in easily executed ideas, a new way of looking at your well-loved stuff and some suggestions to bring your home up to date.

Create a retreat for children in their bedrooms by incorporating an imaginative spot that is all their own.

Form and function come together to create a warm pink light AND an opportunity to learn about geography.

Children are extremely tactile. Alternating various rugs in color and tecture will asure hours of satisfying reading and play.

Create a home for a few of your child's plush toys to create a focal point in the decor.

An abudance of oversized pillows not only brings more shades of pink into the room, they offer many comfortable options for her and her friends to cuddle up and play.

Little girls with their dreams become women with vision.

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