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Calculus 2 Quizlet Practice.
Using Quizlet was definitely a new experience for me. I loved the interface and the study tips were great for my calculus class. I was able to run through a ton of material really quickly and really drill it into my head. I used it after a shaky quiz on trigonometry to help set a good foundation before the next quiz. I used the Quizlet flash card feature as shown above to drill the concepts in to have a firm trigonometry base to Ace my next quiz. I used the Quizlet game pictured below to have a little fun as I spaced out my study for this quiz over the week. This game helped keep me entertained while learning.
Quizlet Games
Practice Exams for Self Testing


The second, and perhaps the most helpful, study method I used was self-testing. Using the resources provided by my Physics teacher I was able to go as far back as 2006 and see the tests everyone was taking. I would print out these practice tests and then find a nice secluded room to take the test like I was talking a real test. From there I pinpointed what I was doing wrong and what material I needed to focus on. I used this very heavily for my second physics test that was worth a large portion (15%) of my grade. Instead of just taking a practice test the day of, I took them over the course of a week and did better and better on each practice test. This restored my confidence and gave me the boost I needed to do very well on the next test.

Group quizzing

Group Quiz
The third method I used was Group Quizzing. I would organize people from my class together to quiz and test each other. Studying in a group helps with working together and identifying individual weaknesses. Meeting weekly to work on Political Science helped us discuss the material while hearing different opinions. I would recommend this for classes that are more writing based. My essays improved thanks to the abundance of material I was able to cover with my group. Not to mention the fun we had and the bond we formed while still improving our grades. This method was definitely the most fun.

Final Thoughts

During the course of this exhibit, I feel like I was impacted more than any other exhibit. The material learned here was super helpful and helped me identify what works best for me. The material learned in this exhibit will help ensure that I am capable of studying at a high level and maintaining excellence. Self-Testing yielded the best results so I expect to use that method a lot more in the future. The results are very promising. If I can maintain what I learned and add on, I am on the path to an excellent future.


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