Sense Perception By Ashmal Lalani

What is our project? (Feb. 6th ; day 1)

- We do not have particular idea yet though I have some small idea of role-playing as a Blind man and commemorating the man's journey

- We know what our topic is: The Sense Perception and we know what each subtopic in the chapter is, so we will have an elaborate plan and idea for the project.

Blind vs. Other senses

Why did we choose the project?

How will we prepare and conduct our project?

Essential Question: (Feb 8 ; day 2)

- Is first hand evidence, such as eyewitness testimony, reliable as a source of knowledge?

- What is the role of expectation or theory in sense perception?

- To what degree are our sense perceptions shaped by expectations?

- Can expectations alter what we perceive using our five senses?

Can a theory alter what we perceive using our five senses?

TWE is our sense perception reliable/

-> eye-witness evidence testimony

-> TWE is eyewitness evidence reliable?

-> activity

To What Extent is eyewitness evidence reliable?



Sense perception is the concept of using your initial observations to make up a complete claim about what has been perceived. Eyewitness testimonies have been debated time and time again as an inaccurate strategy for solving cases. To respond to this concept, my group has decided to take in account of a real past event and make a shared response of what we perceive from this topic.

(Feb. 10) Reflection: I learned that time management is a key factor when it comes to presentations. My group struggled to fill in the 7 minutes limit because we did not rehearse our skit and presentation and we did not have a clear understanding of our presentation's outline. I learned that in order to excel in life, one must be prepared and have a well understood connotation and idea of what must be done within the time constraints. I pretended to get beat up three more times than I was supposed to really get to. For the next badge I believe that by learning from the mistakes, I can prepare better for the next project.

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