Revitalizing the Local Church Stepping Out in Faith

The congregation in Boyle, Alberta, was small, but their faith was not.

For over a decade, 20 faithful individuals met together each and every Sunday, even though they were missing something very important–a pastor.

More than 140 kilometers north of Edmonton, the church statistically had very little opportunity for growth. Rather, chances were high the church would inevitably close. But the faith of 20 people kept the church afloat, as each passing year they would meet together, pray and wait on the Lord.

Years later, the church heard about Village Missions and began the process of requesting Village Missionary leadership.

Even after Village Missions accepted Boyle’s request, two seemingly impossible obstacles stood in their way.

The church had no parsonage, and Village Missions had no pastor to send.

God Provides Housing & New Missionaries

So, the church continued to wait and pray, and last year, those prayers were answered.

In 2016, four couples and single man were accepted to become Village Missionaries.

Spring 2016 Candidate School: (Front Row) Executive Director of Canada Murray & Deb Graham, new missionary Joyce Dennis, new missionary Helena Peters, District Representative Marilyn Vandermeer, new missionary Melanie Pompu, new missionaries Laura & Joe Letourneau; (Back Row) Canadian Office Administrator Roy & Lennie Adrian, new missionary Steve Dennis, new missionary Brenden Peters, District Representative Henry Vandermeer, new missionary Alex Pompu, new missionary Darren Goetz.

For the first time in five years, Village Missionaries were available to be sent into the harvest, but Boyle still had no parsonage.

Unfazed by the hurdle, one family in the church stepped out in faith and purchased a parsonage with their own money!

With a home and church waiting for them, first-time Village Missionaries Brenden and Helena Peters arrived in Boyle in July of 2016.

Continued Faith

Even after receiving Village Missionaries, the congregation continued to step out in faith.

Initially, the church stated they could only afford a portion of the pastor’s salary. They would need Village Missions to cover the remainder. However, upon the Peters arrival, the people decided they would become self-supporting. They had seen God bless their faith in the past, so there was no reason to doubt His financial provision either.
“Their mindset is that if they can provide the full amount, and thus save Village Missions from needing to give money on their end, then that helps Village Missions. Plus, it means that the church is stepping out in faith that God will provide, which he has,” said Brenden.

Turning Canada Around

While the congregation in Boyle had remained faithful for 15 years without a pastor, they are finally now beginning to see growth again in their church. Both families who used to come years ago, as well as new families, are joining the church thanks to the presence of full-time Village Missionaries.

Boyle is a wonderful reminder of the work God is doing in rural Canada. With more and more Village Missionaries joining the mission, Village Missions is truly moving forward again.

In the most remote places of Canada, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is going forth. Village Missionaries are helping bring new life, not only to the local church, but to entire communities as well. God is raising up men and women to go where others will not go, to preach a message many do not know and to show Christ’s love to those who have never received it.

Is God calling you to rural ministry? Will you bring the gospel to rural North America?

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