avid Advancement Via Individual Determination

February-March 2017. Issue 4

Kostoryz Elementary

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The Senior AVID class supporting our kids form Kostoryz Elementary
AVID class of 2017

In February, we had the opportunity to witness the hard work of the children in Kostoryz Elementary. Every kid was requested to research and synthesize information on a former US president, some of them dressed up according to their president and they looked adorable! Furthermore, the Avid family was able to listen to their stories and observe the handmade illustrations in their books.

Being part of the shaping and encouragement of these kids is extremely gratifying. we feel this is one of most noble ways we can contribute to society.

Car wash: junior fundraiser

Roland from the Junior Avid class of 2018
Seniors, juniors, and sophomores from the Avid family
The car wash! 🚗

On March 4th, juniors made a difference when they decided to organize a car wash in order to raise money for the senior banquet.

It turned out to be very successful. It was a pure profit fundraiser that was accomplished thanks to the donations of car wash supplies, like soap, towels, sponges and buckets.

On our way to success

Good News After Spring Break!

After spring break, we welcomed our return to high school by celebrating that more of us are getting into college.

We added five more people to our list of successful, future college students, who will further enhance their education plan this fall of 2017.

We wish them joy, good luck and perseverance to achieve their goals!

Carrier fair🏫

College is around the corner, and we need to be prepared and help others to prepare for their path to success.

The college fair, hosted in the Cantu Gym, became the house of many institutions: Delmar College, NAVY, Marines, TAMUCC, and A&M Kingsville.

Students were able to explore different career opportunities as they researched the requirements to enroll the institutions they desire to attend.

Also, the event granted them the opportunity to figure out the path they want to follow for the rest of their lives.

Avidator of the month:

Congratulations Lizeth Quiñónez!


Lizeth from the Senior class of 2017

Lizeth has become an artistic leader in the Avid community. She has directed the painting of murals, like the one on coach Jensen's wall. She is a great example of leadership: she knows how to be organized, and she knows how to pick and lead a team!

Her artistic team is conformed by Joe Rosas, Romeo Perez, Jordan Townsend, Brianna Sierra and Ismael Valdez.

Creative team!

Coming up

🐯 SeniorAvid trip

🐯 Time Capsule

🐯 Banquet

🐯 Avid Spirit Week

🐯 Courtyard improvements

Thanks for reading!

Have a great tiger week!

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