New Jersey V. TLO madi Alvey & Karley robinson

Side One: It is a violation of school rules to smoke in the bathrooms. School administration found marijuana in a young student's purse after they came out with suspicious actions, leading to the fact that the student was smoking and/or dealing.

Side Two: Possession of cigarettes is not a violation of school rules. Therefore, the search for cigarettes in a students possession was wrong of the administration. In this case, the school administration is the one in violation.

The Supreme Court Decision: The purse search was not in violation of the Constitution. Therefore, the student on trial for possessing and smoking marijuana on school grounds is guilty.

This court case has affected our country in the way that standards were made more lenient. This case makes our country look bad, because it shows what the young generation has turned into. Our country looks irresponsible and overall dumb for what has been allowed.


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