Noelia's portfolio

Clientele work:

When i created my poster for world food day i used Adobe illustrator, the reason on took on this client work was because they are in need of a poster and i thought it would be good practice to start off with one of my first clientele work. What i learned was that i had to research a lot of details about the company when dealing with this type of work. Including that if the client wants something to get a better idea of what the company itself represents. During this long time process I'm pretty sure i created about 13 art board of different designs of this including the start process was really challenging because i had to create a design that goes in with the theme in which Ive changed multiple times. The reasons i chose the design you see today is because they wanted everyone to start preparing ourselves to change our agriculture to adapt to the future population that will be 9.6 billion in the year 2050. So i decided to create a design or the earth and people without thought bubbles which will incorporate them thinking "Climate is changing, Foo and agriculture must too" which i then added info on the bottom to understand the poster even more.

I created this in adobe illustrator in which this was my layout of the food menu for the student store at my school was in search of someone creating it. To incorporate the school spirit in the menu to also represent Serra I just added Serra's logo and putting basic info of the student stores menu. I also tried using different font comparing them and asking others which worked better in which they thought my this one was way better than the others. I also included a little slogan while i was at it "where the conquistadors feast!" because i felt the student store was lacking a slogan to really represent Serra. The main struggles i did have with this though was font many fonts before i used this one (Bebas Neu) was especially challenging especially cause none of them fit the format i truly wanted. While another one you see the dots leading to the prices well i didn't have that in my previous drafts and i was worried people would confuse the prices so i just decided to add them in so students wouldn't get confused when buying one of the items from the student store.

My own work:

The school wanted help from other designers in help to help create the school dance ticket in which I tried to incorporate a carnival theme. I originally wanted to do a carousel ticket theme but with the amount of time they notified us it too much to take on in such a short amount of time. So I wanted to go with popcorn since I incorporate that with carnival the most so i wanted to do the sign as one of a vanity mirrors and make the ticket also stripes to incorporate the carnival tent stripes and added stars. Originally the design was colored which looked outstanding but ASB wanted it to be black and white so my final draft had to be like this. My main struggles were finding a font that actually tied in with the carnival theme and this was 5th draft of my deign in which many of the other design didn't make sense of tie in t=with the theme.

This was the very first Geo filter i ever started working on which was a long process due to me having to think about many decisions. In which I had to think about the design, font, colors which are very time consuming things . I created this using adobe illustrator by using the pen tool to incorporate the design of the "tower". My only difficulty was working with 46 layers i tried not incorporating all my design on 1 layer. Another main difficulty was the design itself because there would always be an amount of space i didn't notice until zooming in so i had to go back in multiple times to retrace the designs that didn't seem to fit well which was many.

I decided to start on a new Geo filter for mission beach in which I decided this image I came across to be my inspiration in which I would do something similar to this but not copy which i created in adobe illustrator. So,I used the pen tool to trace some of the design and making it the same color for now but will definitely change it later on.This is very time-consuming tracing all the small parts and finding the perfect color to go along for this which is very challenging but later I decided to change the dull colors to very vibrant, fun colors.When i finally finished my design only with outlining I went back to change some of the colors of the shapes and I'm definitely changing the background of the surfboard to white so the color pops out more. As for my design, I've decided to use the twist tool to incorporate a more creative design . I later on went back and redid the twist tool (which is what you see now) on my design including going with other multiple designs and changed the background to white as I said I would. I ended up adding a white bar because the font was unreadable with all the colors going on and I decided we I created my filter I wouldn't have the white bar there I later left it clear so there would be no design behind the font.


Created with images by unserekleinemaus - "mural color art"

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