JCHS Virtual Orientation 2020

All JCHS students are encouraged to explore this webpage as it contains important for all of our Cougars on campus!

Here is the recorded session from our Zoom meeting on August 14th at 4:00.

Important Things

  • Do you know whether you are A or B day? You must be sure to come only on your assigned days!
  • Students new to the district will receive their iPads during the first week of class on Tuesday the 18th and Friday the 21st.

bus information

Use this link to type in your address. This will bring up your bus number, bus stop and estimated time of arrival. Keep in mind that if you did not complete the transportation survey OR you did not send Mr. Weavil an email by August 6th, then you will not have a bus assignment on Monday.

Virtual Tour

We will go to advisory between 1st and 2nd Block to start!

directions for car riders

Where and when do I enter the school?

Students will be permitted to enter the building starting at 7:50 AM. Bus riders will enter the building on the right side facing the building and also through the center front doors. Car riders will enter through the center front doors and also on the left side facing the front of the building. Student drivers will enter the building through the door located by the locker rooms/coachs' office. Please note that the orange paws leading to the entrances indicate proper social distancing. Upon arrival, students will head directly to their 1st block class.


The front doors to the building will be locked as we are not allowing non-essential visitors. This means that students will not be allowed to receive items such as food, school supplies, or clothing during school hours. Double check that you have all of your belongings before you leave for school in the morning.

COVID 19 Toolkit

Entering Classrooms

Each student will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering a classroom. Desks will be spaced 6 feet apart and sanitized. Face coverings are required.

People to know

Ms. Simmerson, Mr. Crawford, Mr. Weavil, Ms. Reynolds


Mr. Connolly

Ms. Stouder

Ms. Carpenter - Front Desk

Ms. Murdock - Data Manager

Ms. O'Kelley - School Nurse

Mr. Whitson - Instructional Design Coach

freshman core Teachers

Social Studies

Ms. Galloway

Exceptional Children

Ms. Gibbons

Ms. Vaeth

elective teachers


Mr. Burns

Mr. Faggart

Ms. Helms

Mr. McCallum

Mr. Perry

Health & PE

Mr. Cauble

a message from your counselors


Created with images by Sara Kurfeß - "phone wallpaper by @efekurnaz" • Jon Tyson - "untitled image" • Austin Pacheco - "Schools Out" • Tim Mossholder - "Sorry we're closed! " • Kyle Glenn - "untitled image" • CDC - "Captured in a metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia primary school, this photograph depicts a typical classroom scene, where an audience of school children were seated on the floor before a teacher at the front of the room, who was reading an illustrated storybook, during one of the scheduled classroom sessions. Assisting the instructor were two female students to her left, and a male student on her right, who was holding up the book, while the seated classmates were raising their hands to answer questions related to the story just read." • Bruno Nascimento - "untitled image"