Judaism Essence and malorie


The follower of Judaism is called , Jewish . About 13 million people throughout the world mostly in the USA and Israel practice . Most of them live in Israel and the United States.

Historical backgrounds

Judaism was during the 1800 BCE in Southern Levantine ( modern - day Israel ). It started when the covenant where established between God and Abraham .

Judaism God

Abraham is considered the father family of the Jews as Moses is an important figure that gave Jews the Torah

Judaism spread

Judaism spread when the Babylonyans spread the Jewish people around during the Babylonyans exile . They spread mostly to Israel and the Middle East .

Basic beliefs

Judaism believes in one god . They basic beliefs are who chose of the Israel and who requires worship. Ethical behavior , and rituals messiah will come. The Judaism believe in reincarnation. The code of behavior they live for are the Ten Commandments and the ritual requirements include daily prayer , observing the sabbath , and studying the Jewish texts .

Holy Book

Their holy book is called the Torah or the Hebrew Bible .

Jewish church is called , Synagogue.


A holiday Jewish celebrate commercorating the rededication of the holy temple .


The Star of David represents the symbol of Judaism or Jewish people as a whole .

Interesting facts

In Judaism there are 4 different new year days .


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