8th Grade Bridge Project Owen McLaughlin, Giuseppe Piccirilli, and Fernando Correia

For our 8th grade science project, in the last few weeks we have been making bridges out of popsicle sticks. It took about two weeks to construct each bridge. With glue and popsicle sticks we quickly designed our first bridge, Mo Popsicle Sticks Mo Problems.

The first bridge: Mo Popsicle Sticks Mo Problems

This was our first bridge of two, Mo Popsicle Sticks Mo Problems Bridge. The finished product did not fair too well in the test, but it was a learning process that allowed to make a more successful second bridge. Our intent was to hold as much weight as possible.

This is a picture showing our simplistic building materials. We were allotted two hundred popsicle sticks per bridge along with about two weeks for each bridge to be made.

This is the only other material we were allowed to use. We could use as much glue as we wanted, but could not cover more than half of a popsicle stick with it.

Our first bridge used a two layer system to withstand tension and compression. This first layer was made using a cross design which is thought to distribute weight well.

The picture that is displayed before you, is the second layer of our first bridge. The way that we designed this layer was that we had six sticks in the middle. Then we have an additonal stick on top of the center, left side, and right side on the bottom and the top; to have a very compact structure that will not snap.

In the end, we were wrong! Mo Popsicle Sticks Mo Problems Bridge held less than 21 pounds.

Mo Glue Mo Problems Bridge:

Due to the outcome of our previous bridge, we changed the design; almost completely. This time we included a side rail on each side. Our side rail was made out of a compact truss system that will evenly distribute the compression and tension.

For the base of our bridge we have a very strong and compact design. The main points of our base are circled in the picture before you. One of these key features are is the way that the sticks are alligned. We have them laying on the side. This will make the bridge a lot harder snap, because if they were flat they would be a lot more flexible.

The second key feature of our second bridge is the way that the sticks are holding each other together. The sticks are glued on the ends, in the same exact part everytime. This keeps them together, and unbreakble.

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