Savanna by:camari, saniya, Makayla

The location that our plane had crash which was Nairobi Kenya. The region that we are in which is Savanna. The crop that we choice is peaches. This was a hard decision to make because we had to pick either corn or peaches. An the reason for me putting this decision we had to make because we had to look at the similar and difference because it came down to how we can use both crops . It was how we can use in different ways and how we can cook it till the rescuing team comes and finds us . Anyways back to why we choice peaches for feeding our family's an here are reason for picking it , is because living in a biomass that has a good temperature and the soil pretty good for planting crops. Especially the crop were planting which is peaches is going to be help for us for the insects and poison ive which will probably will help us .
The reason that we picked the peach was because it has liquid. If you want the juice you can first juice it then when you are done you could eat the fruit!
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Saniya Jones


Created with images by Jackson's Orchard - "Peach" • Mike Licht, - "Peaches"

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